Breast Augmentation – What You Should Know About It

At a certain period in their life, many women imagine a different appearance of their breasts. Whether it’s due to age, pregnancy, weight loss, or some other medical conditions, the look changes, making them lose confidence.

The solution to this issue is breast augmentation. Through it, the size of the breasts can be enhanced as well as their overall feel.

Do you want to learn more about this procedure? Read on to uncover the details.

What Is Breast Augmentation and Why People Do It

Basically, breast augmentation represents a surgery for increasing the size of one’s breasts. It’s done by a plastic surgeon, who places implants under the tissue of the breast or the muscles in the chest.

This later gives the results the women that undergo this procedure want to see. And in most cases, it enhances their confidence or eliminates the issues they had. Moreover, some instances when women need breast augmentation are correcting breasts that are uneven, adjusting the size of the breasts after pregnancy or weight loss as well as improving the overall appearance and with that making women feel better about themselves.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

During the whole process, it’s important to stay focused and ask everything that interests you. In the preparation phase, you should talk to your doctor about your preferred breasts’ appearance, the size as well as how they’ll feel. Regarding this, the doctor will explain all the techniques for the surgery together with the implants’ types to help you decide more easily.

Then, once you make your decision, you should carefully go over the information about the implants provided by the manufacturer. And patients shouldn’t forget to make a copy of them and keep it in their file.

Have in mind that prior to the surgery, most women are required to make a mammogram (see here) and stay away from some medications. Also, before signing that you agree to go to this surgery, it’s important to acknowledge these details:

  • The implants women put, don’t last forever. More precisely, they tend to survive for ten years. Yet if there are changes in your body in between like weight losses, the appearance of the breasts may change slightly resulting in another surgery.
  • The sagging won’t go away after breast augmentation.
  • This type of surgery usually isn’t covered by insurance.
  • People should check their breasts after the placement of the implant so that possible ruptures can be identified on time.
  • Breast augmentation has an impact on breastfeeding. But this varies as some women are able to breast-feed without any issues while others really struggle with this.

Risks Related to Breast Augmentation

It’s a fact that all surgeries come with certain risks. So, there are some risks related to breast augmentation, as well. Firstly, some patients tend to experience some side effects from the anesthetic like swelling, infection, bleeding, and similar. Then, some fluid may gather around the implant and there may even be leakage from it, accompanied by asymmetry. Even though some serious effects or complications don’t usually happen, it’s advisable to always consult your doctor and follow their advice.

A Final Word

What are your thoughts on this matter? Would you do a breast augmentation? Or have you been through this procedure before? Share everything with us here.

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