Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery – How Long Will It Take?

brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the world today. Using liposuction and fat grafting, patients can achieve larger shapelier buttocks without having to rely on foreign objects such as implants.

Of the many questions that patients have about this procedure, how long it will take to recover is one of the most common.

Overall, the average patient needs about a month to recover and be able to return to their daily activities but this depends on a few different factors.

Factors that Affect Your Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

The Patient

Recovery will be different for everyone, which means not all patients will recover at the same pace. There will be swelling and bruising to work through after your recovery but most patients are able to start walking around again two days after their procedure. How quickly the bruising and swelling subsides will determine how quickly you will recover. Pain medication and post-surgical massages can make this process easier.

The Compression Garment

Following your Brazilian butt lift at some top clinics such as Ritz Plastic Surgery, you will need to wear a special compression garment that will help reduce the swelling and prevent fluid build-up. It will also maintain the shape and contour of your new buttocks. Most patients need to wear the garment for at least eight weeks to ensure optimal healing. If the compression garment is not worn as instructed, healing can be delayed.


How often you sit during your recovery will also determine how quickly your buttocks will recover. It’s important not to sit directly on your buttocks for at least two months. It’s not always easy or comfortable but it does speed up your healing. It’s even recommended that you purchase a pregnancy pillow to make it easier to sleep on your side and not your back. By placing unnecessary pressure on your buttocks too soon, it can affect blood circulation in the area, which could jeopardise the survival of the transferred fat. Even after the eight weeks have passed, make sure that you sit on a cushion if you will be sitting for long periods of time.

Physical Activity

Unfortunately, since your buttocks is an area that moves a lot, your physical activity will need to be limited for at least two weeks. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least four weeks. Even pools and hot tubs should be avoided for the first month to enhance your recovery. It’s important to stretch your legs every day to avoid complications though.

In most cases, patients will see the final results of their surgery four to six months after the procedure. You can also expect to enjoy the same shape and fullness for years to come, where other options such as implants don’t offer the same longevity.

Be sure to carefully follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions if you want to experience a smooth recovery. If at any point you notice unusual side effects such as excessive pain after 10 days, it’s important to get in touch with your surgeon.

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