Boost Your Business by Sending “Thank You Emails”

Have you ever received a “thank you” message from a person or company? How did you feel? You must feel happy, respected, and valued. Saying thanks over little things always impacts a good impression. It shows gratitude and appreciation towards other people. Businesses focusing on the best customer service have to take care of even small details. They are well familiar with the ways to make customers feel special. Customer-centered businesses require a little extra attention but have more chances to grow. The simple and easy way to make your customers feel special is by sending thank you emails. 

Thank you emails build a strong relationship between customers and brands, says, who provide a Chrome extension to save emails as pdf. Research analysis shows that thank you emails prove to be much more effective than traditional marketing emails. Such emails give the highest returns and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Once the customers feel valued, they’ll choose and recommend you every time. It will build their strong loyalty towards your brand, thus leading your way to become a well-reputed company. 

When Can You Send Thank You Emails?

A thank you email is based on user actions. User action doesn’t mean that they’ve placed an order. It can be any person using your app of any subscriber. You can automate thank you email to any of these: 

  • Your loyal and High-value clients
  • Consumers on their birthday
  • Event/webinar audiences
  • Anyone who’s recommended you
  • Specific holiday thank you and wishing cards 
  • Newssheet subscribers
  • Job Applicants

How To Send Thank You Emails?

You must be thinking of how a thank you email will look like! You can turn any type of email or message into a thank you email using an email builder. You can pay gratitude in any welcome email, survey request, and confirmation messages. With proper customization, even an automatic general email may sound heartfelt to customers. Taking into account just these few things, you can create strong, effective emails: 

1. Add a Digital Coupon

Do you think that there is any way better to say thanks than a special discount or a coupon code? Who doesn’t love receiving gifts or discounts? Coupon codes prove to be the best way to say thanks to customers. Customers enjoy getting discount offers every time they get an order. They will surely prefer the company offering discounts over others. According to statistics, 68% of customers feel that discount offers build a strong customer-company relationship. At the same time, 60% of customers enjoy getting such discount offers. 

Most of the food brands and restaurants are offering digital coupons on their sales. They send thanks for signing up emails with a 1$ off coupon. More and more people download their app and try to avail such offers. No matter if you are a startup or well-established business, a thank you email with digital coupons can help you grow. Start by writing thanks for joining us and offer your discounts. Mention discount offers in the subject line to ensure customer attention and engagement. It will help you strengthen your customer-brand relationship. 

2. Give Your Customers A Feel Of Exclusiveness.

Making customers feel that they’re connected to an authentic organization plays a key role in business success. It will establish your reputation as a reliable and credible company. When they sign up for your app or make any purchases, send them a thank you email. Along with setting the credibility of your brand, it will make your customers feel that they’re a part of an exclusive team. The thank-you email confirms their authentication to your website or mobile app. Start with words like “we’re glad you’re here” or “Thanks for connecting with us”. After receiving confirmation emails, they can be sure that they can receive all your special benefits and discount offers.

3. Include a Strong CTA

Most of the thank you emails are sent after customers sign up, place an order, or make any subscription. Paying gratitude for inviting customers to get your service may sound weird to you. You can add a solid CTA in the email that will attract your customers to buy your products and services. It is a kind of welcoming email saying thanks to customers for visiting you. Or you may call it an advertising email engagingly sent to potential customers.

Start from welcoming your website visitors or subscribers to your group. Then you can use creative images to represent your products and services more attractively. After grabbing their attention, you can offer some discounts so that your customers can’t stop them from availing of the offer. At the end of the email, add a link saying words like “shop now” or “book your order”. Such combinations of thank you, welcome, and advertisement emails can help you get more leads and sales.

4. Appreciate Your Customer’s Feedback

Customer reviews play a vital role in setting a business’s credibility. Most of the people make a purchasing decision based on previous customer response. Companies with good customer reviews are more likely to get more sales. After seeing the good feedback from customers, they can trust your brand. Don’t forget to pay gratitude to customers after receiving feedback. Sending thank you emails after receiving feedback makes customers feel valued.

5. Thanks, Customers in Sensitive Situations

Keep sending thank you messages in hard times or sensitive situations. You can give your customers a realization that they’re a part of your family in every circumstance. Companies sent “thanks for being our part” emails to their customers in the wake of COVID-19 to earn their loyalty. When you appreciate and stay connected with your customers in all situations, they’ll keep supporting you in hard times too. 

6. Prepare Templates to Automate Your Thank You Emails

After you’ve planned your thank you email strategy, you automate this message. The success of email marketing depends upon how much you can engage your customers. The more engaging the email is the more are the chances of prospects making sales. You can make template emails for every purpose and customize them accordingly. You can send any welcome, post-purchase, pre-purchase, and feedback thank you email automatically to your concerned customers. 

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