Bodyguards in London

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In today’s world, security and protection are the utmost priority for many people in London, especially if they have a high public profile, says UK Close Protection Services, who provide London Bodyguards to their clients. Bodyguards act like the first line of defence against unwanted attention, and offer the client the chance to relax without worrying about their security.

Importance of Bodyguards

Bodyguard services are helpful in providing protection either to a large facility/area or to a person. Bodyguards are professionals who know how to handle many different situations. They are adaptable to your own personal circumstances, and are ready to face any situation.

Famous people like celebrities or politicians often hire a bodyguard before making a public appearance or going about their daily business. Bodyguards are also hired to guard places like schools and banks. Bodyguards take the responsibility of protecting people very seriously.

What Do Bodyguards Wear?

Bodyguards wear a uniform that allows them to be discreet, and they carry all sorts of defensive equipment depending on the client they are looking after.


Its colour should be bright, but not white,because it can make the person more prominent. A uniform shirt should be bigger than a regular shirt, because bodyguards have to wear a vest underneath.


It should go well with the shirt. Instead of a cloth knot, ties should have a rubber attachment to fix the tie to the shirt. It allows bodyguards to break the rubber band, in case an offender tries to strangle them with their own tie.


A bodyguard’s jacket should be bigger than a regular jacket, so that it can hide equipment properly. Its colour should not be bright, as such a colour can draw unnecessary attention towards the wearer. It should have enough pockets, so that the bodyguard can easily store items for protection.

Bulletproof Vest

The vest will provide protection against bullets being fired. It should be made up of tough Kevlar fabric, but also be light in weight.


The trousers should be loose and lack cuffs. They should also be able to hold a belt, which can hold different pieces of protective equipment.


The shoe sole should be made of rubber to prevent slipping and shoe noise. The shoe and socks should match each other.


The firearms bodyguard has to carry should be portable and easy-to-use. A good example of such a gun is a Glock 17 9 mm. It is flat, lightweight and can hold 17 bullets. It is usually attached to the belt with the help of additional security gear to keep it secured in place. It should always be kept in the same place to help the user withdraw it at a moments notice.

Communication Devices

The communication device used by the bodyguard could be a radio, or more likely in this day and age a mobile phone. Its size should not be too big, so that the phone can comfortably sit inside the jacket’s pocket.


A flashlight that is easy to carry, which is also powerful, should always be carried. The light should be small, but still light up a large area. It must also have a good battery life.

Looking for a Bodyguard in London?

There are many companies to choose from, but we would highly recommend, who offer London Bodyguard services for a very good rate. They are worth checking out!

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