Best Place to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Best place to buy prescription glasses online

In this arena of ultra-modern smartphones and high tech digital age, three out of four people are suffering from one or the other vision disorders. Navigate online and horde of eyewear seller will scream to offer the best Prescription glasses. Although, buying online prescription glasses is time-saving, better to avoid getting trapped in the advertisement gimmick. Make a careful move before jumping to place order.

Why Do You Need Prescription Glasses?

When the cornea of the eyes fails to bend light rays leaving retina to focus accurately on the object, our brain fails to interpret the image clearly. Hence, the object appears blur, hazy or distorted to eye alongwith symptoms of headache, fatigue eyes and squinting eyes for a  better view. Prescription Glasses are device that corrects vision defects without letting you go under the knife.  Following vision defects are commonly noticed among masses which can be corrected by Prescription glasses, namely :

1.    Nearsightedness (Myopia) : When distant objects appear blurry, but at close up or at arm’s length appear clear.

2.     Farsightedness (Hypermetropia) :  Distant objects appear clear but close objects appear blur making it difficult during reading or sewing job, according to VisionExpress.

3.     Astigmatism: The shape of the cornea is uneven or in cylindrical shape, causing unclear vision alongwith nearsightedness or farsightedness.

4.     Presbyopia : It occurs in old age (usually in 40s) as the lens loses elasticity and the muscles fails to focus making it difficult in viewing closer objects. Check out for a full explanation.

How Prescription Glasses Work?

Prescription glasses consists of lenses which bend the light rays in an effective manner, making the retina to focus on the object and in turn brain could interpret the image clearly. The lenses carry coherent power strength and are curved specifically to correct refractive errors. For correcting farsightedness and presbyopia, reading glasses i.e. prescription glasses having convex lenses with minimum power strength of +0.50 diopters or above are adept. Likewise, concave lenses with power strength of minimum -0.50 diopters or above can help ease the vision defect. In case of Astigmatism, cylinder and axis figures are required alongwith positive or negative power strength in lenses.

Obtain Prescription after undergoing comprehensive eye examination by an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist with testing aids such as eye-charts, photopter and computerised machines. Prescription consists of details of each eye including eyesight disorder and Pupillary Distance i.e. the distance between both the pupils of the eyes.

How to Order Prescription Glasses Online?

Due to the elimination of middlemen, eyewear manufacturers are directly selling glasses online at almost one forth of prices making it easy, fastest, conducive and economical for users. A simple guide while buying prescription glasses online is as under :-

1)      Know your prescription : Understand prescription carefully and mention the details online; or simply upload it. Based on the prescription, lenses could be :

a.       Single vision lenses which has uniform refractive index;

b.      Bipolar with separate negative and positive power;

c.       Progressive having three different refractive index; or

d.      Photochromic which turn from clear to dark tint on exposure to light.

2)      Consider not only shape of your face, hair color, skin tone and eye color for selecting attractive frame, simultaneously look for color, material, style, shape, brand, price, quality of the frame.  Interestingly, give a thought to eye size, bridge size and temple size of the frame.

3)     Appropriate lenses material: Lenses made from glass are heavy and sustain to scratch, contrary to materials such as Polycarbonate, Trivex And High Index Plastic which are lighter, advanced and anti-scratch.

4)     Add-ons : Specscart’s Prescription glasses are automatically loaded with advanced coatings, like:

a.       anti-UV- for protection against UVA and UVB rays

b.      anti-glare – prevent reflections on lens surface from hindering vision,

c.       anti scratch – extends the life lens and improves clarity

d.      anti-blue light filter – block 100% of blue light emitted from light sources

5)      Before payment, assess the delivery, refund and replacement policy because there are slight chances that frame delivered is loose or ill-fitted to your head size; or may be prescription is wrongly entered by you. Along with express delivery, Specscart maintain free replacement and no question refund policy.


Prescription glasses correct refractive errors of eyes without medical procedures and prevent further retinal damage; considering Lenses should be in conformity with the prescription to impart trouble-free, clear and enhanced vision. Online glasses providers are a saviour when it comes to ease of buying glasses at the comfort of your home.

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