Best Hootsuite Alternatives in 2019


There are a lot of tools that can help you in managing social media and finding influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns. Hootsuite (official website) is among the most beloved social media management tool that a lot of people use. Nowadays there are a lot of hootsuite alternatives available on the internet that have similar and sometimes even better features, says These tools allow you to manage your social media, find top influencers and to connect with them whenever required. Tools like Influenex are giving tough competition to Hootsuite as they are offering a lot more advanced features, which are a lot more efficient and make the tool a lot more versatile and easy to use.

Part-1 Best Alternative to Hootsuite

Even though there are a lot of hootsuite alternatives, there are a few tools that stand out of the crowd. Influenex is one touch tool that brings the best of social media management tools and influencer marketing tools together to create 1 powerful platform. This is a very versatile tool that you can use to search for any influencer and then connect with them for influencer marketing campaigns. It has a lot of tools that can streamline the whole process of influencer marketing and this make the tool a must have for brands. It also helps you to compare multiple influencers on the basis of their statistics so that you can select the best possible influencer for your campaign. Also you get to directly reach out to your preferred influencer on this tool which saves a lot of time and efforts.

Key Features

  • Influenex provides ranking for every influencer you search for, so that you can make an informed decision.
  • You can look at deep insights about the influencer, their audience and the performance of the content that they post.
  • It allows you to directly contact influencers to start your influencer marketing campaign as soon as possible.
  • The search feature is very powerful and contains a lot of filters that will help you to narrow down the search results to the most suitable ones.
  • Using this tool, you can create a centralized dashboard that can be used to stay in touch with all the influencers that are working on your campaign.
  • Step to use Influenex to find your favorite influencer
  • The following is a step by step guide that will help you to understand, how to use Influenex.

Step-1) Search for the Influencer You Wish to Connect With

When you open Influenex, you will notice a search box on the front page, use it to enter the name of the influencer you want to connect with.


You can also make use of the search filters given under the search box to make your search result more appropriate for your requirements.

Step-2) Select the Right Influencer

After you search for the influencer, you will be provided a list of the most suitable candidates according to your search. Use the influencer ranking to identify the best one for your requirement and click on their name.

Step-3) Send Invites

After you click on the name of influencer, you will be redirected to their dashboard where you can have a look at detailed insights about their performance, there audience, engagements etc. Once you completely go through all that, click on the send invite button present on the right hand side to continue.

Step-4) Send Them Email About Your Plans

Influencer is one of the rare breed of platforms that allow for direct influencer outreach. After sending the invite, you will be taken to an email template, here you will have to fill all the details about your plans, the product, your brand’s name, contact details along with a message. Fill everything up and press the send button. If the influencer will be interested in your offer, they will reach back to you in no time.

Part-2 Benefits of InflueNex

Currently, Influenex is one of the best tools available in the market that allows you to search for the right influencer and instantly connect with them. With its wide library of some of the top influencer in the market makes it stand out of its competitors. It has some unique features as well that allow the users to narrow down their search to the most suitable influencers. You can also look at deep insights about their channel and can view their influencer ranking to make better and informed decision about which one to choose.
As hootsuite alternatives Influenex offers a lot of benefit to the users. Some of the most important benefits that it provides

1) Easy Search

This tool is extremely easy to use and can help you search for any influencer within no time. Apart from that it also has various filters that can help you to specify what you want from the search and further narrow it down to the most suitable results. This tool has a vast library of influencers so that you always get what you want.

2) Vast Library of Influencers

Influenex has a collection of some of the most recognizable influencers that are currently active on the internet. Due to this, you get a lot of options to choose from and decide the better alternative.

3) Detailed Insights

One of the best features of this tool is that it provides in-depth analysis and insights of any influencer that you wish to connect with. You can look for details like average views, average earnings, number of followers etc. This will allow you to compare multiple influencers with each other to understand which one will be better for your requirements.

Part 3. Comparison Between InflueNex and Hootsuite

Due to the fact that they offer similar services for the users, people have been comparing these two tools to understand the better option among the two. The main purpose of Hootsuite is to help you manage multiple social media accounts through a centralized dashboard. You can reply to any comment or chat using this tool and it is used by some of the top influencers and brands. On the other hand, Influenex specializes in finding the best influencers for you and to help you contact them. Influencers and brand alike use this tool to stay connected and communicate properly about their work.


Hootsuite is a market leading social media management tool but due to the fact it is a bit older, a lot of feature present in the tool have become obsolete. Tools like Influenex are perfect for replacing the void created by Hootsuite due to their better performance. Influenex is a very flexible, versatile and efficient tool that can easily be used to manage social media influencers and marketing campaigns. If you also your brand to grow exponentially, make sure you use Influenex to manage your influencer marketing requirements.

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