Best Gym Mirror Installation Practices

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Home and commercial gyms are common in modern society. They are constructed to offer people an opportunity to keep fit.  Engaging in daily gym exercise is a practice that every individual should embrace so that they can stay healthy and fit. For most home gyms, various accessories are added to make it more comfortable to workout. Mirrors are some of the popular additions that cannot miss in a modern gym. Wall mirrors are installed using different techniques so that the interior décor of a   gym is entirely transformed. A gym that has uniquely designed wall mirrors looks elegant and comfortable. There are many ways through which you can install the mirrors to look more modernized and comfortable. Ideally, there are gym mirror installation practices that you should follow to avoid damaging them and achieve a uniquely designed interior décor. Mirrors are essential in helping the trainers and trainees to check on their daily practice routines and how their bodies change.  

gym mirror installation

Why gym is incomplete without mirror

If there are no mirrors in the gym, it would be difficult for the trainees to observe the changes in their bodies. Most of the times when working out, the gym wall mirrors are used as a reflection by the trainees to check on how they are doing. If they find out that they are not doing the right thing, they can change right away and start doing what is required to keep a fit body. If you have a   home or commercial gym, you need to understand the installation practices that will help you get the right interior décor for your space. This article focuses on discussing the various practices that will help you achieve the best interior décor with mirrors in your home.

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Install floor to ceiling wall mirrors

Having enough mirrors in the gym is one of the factors that make it more comfortable and modernized.  Gym mirrors that run from the floor to ceiling are more appealing to the trainees than just a small mirror on the wall. The floor to ceiling wall mirrors cover the entire body of the gym users, and they can see what they are doing with the entire body. The advantage of the large work out mirrors running from the floor to the ceiling is that they create an illusion of a bigger ace. Also, they may be useful in keeping the ugly walls hidden away. When adding a floor to ceiling workout mirrors, you should ensure that they are installed using the most appropriate method. You could use wall adhesives, hooks or suspend them with artistic ropes or cables. The choice is yours depending on the look you want to achieve for your interior.

mirror for a gym

Only install highly reflective mirrors

The reflective index of mirrors affects the quality of the image that is produced. Most mirrors that have a reflective index of below 50% are not suitable for use as a workout mirror. Mostly, they do not produce quality images which are not comfortable for the users. When you need adding workout mirrors in your modern gym, you will need to check on their reflective index which should be more than 50%. Gym mirrors with a reflective index of more than 50% produce high-quality images which are appealing and comfortable for the eye. If you already have workout mirrors that do not produce high-quality images, it is time to upgrade to better quality with a reflective index of more than 50%.  

Keep the gym well lighted  

Having enough lighting in a gym makes the environment more comfortable and attractive to work in. It also benefits workouts, according to You could have large glass windows that allow sufficient natural light to pass through. The large glass windows make the gym remain bright thus affecting the mood of the people using it. The mood of the gym can be changed by adding more artificial overhead lighting. Usually, the lighting should be bright enough to keep the gym more comfortable and attractive.  When you do not have enough lighting coming from the windows, consider adding overhead or wall lights in the gym. A common practice is adding LED lights around the workout mirrors to make them more attractive and brighter. The brighter a room is, the more comfortable are the users and the environment in general.

gym mirrors and equpipment

Keep a considerable distance between the gym equipment and the workout mirrors

There are different types of gym equipment that are found within a modern gym. They are mostly considered the fundamental tools that make the attractive gym ad modernized. When adding gym mirrors to a modern gym, you are required to check the distance between the equipment and the wall mirrors. Usually, when the equipment is placed too close to the mirrors, they may cause damages to them in case of accidents. Mostly, if you do not have a distance between them, the mirrors might get scratched or shattered when the gym equipment hits them. To avoid such occurrences, you should ensure that you have a carefully determined distance from the wall mirrors to the equipment.

Maintain a bright theme within the gym environment

The colors used in decorating the gym can affect the mood of the users. When the environment is dull-colored, it may have a negative effect on the mood of the gym users as compared to the brightly colored space. When installing the gym mirrors, you should ensure that you have a bright color that is more attractive and has a positive effect on the mood of the users. If you are not an expert in identifying bright colors, then you can consider contacting a professional interior designer.  

Use the most economical installation method that does not damage your walls

Installing mirrors in a gym can be done using various techniques (some good advice here). Mostly, using adhesives can be damaging to the wall. Therefore, you should be selective on the method of installation that you use. Mostly, you should go for the hooks since they are easier to customize and they can be easily moved to new positions. However, ones attached to the walls using adhesives may be damaging to the walls during upgrades.



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