Best Flutter App Development Features To Level Up Your Application

Application development is a critical part of business and presence expansion in current times. Whether you have to establish yourself, your brand, or your company to sell products and services, an app is essential, not just for increasing visibility, but also welcoming user inquiries, facilitating transactions, and much more. Flutter, an extremely helpful tool by Google, helps in the creation of dynamic apps. Flutter app development requires leveraging its various features, and in this article, we will explain exactly what are the best features that Flutter offers that you should not miss out on.

Brief About Flutter

Flutter, introduced officially by Google in 2017, is currently one of the top app development frameworks chosen by app developers around the globe. This is an open-source tool which is extensively used for creating immersive websites and apps for diverse purposes. Since its launch, Flutter has grown more and more popular due to its many features that make app building fun, time-saving, and cost-effective. In fact, developers can save a lot of effort by using Flutter as well. Wondering how? It’s all because of the exciting features that this tool offers.

Top Features For Flutter App Development

–        Dart Code: One of the foremost qualities of Flutter is the ability to create cross-platform apps which is enabled by Dart- another Google invention which has been created for enhancing Flutter. The combined power of Flutter and Dart make it simpler for developers to create apps since this offers greater speed of app development, provides greater flexibility, and provides stunning output due to Flutter’s responsive user interface.

The cross-platform capability saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to write codes repeatedly to be compatible with different systems. A single codebase can be tweaked as needed, saving a lot of time and money.

–        Bloc Library: Bloc (Business Logic Component) library, one of the most prominent offerings of Flutter is another very impactful tool that immensely helps app developers when writing code. With the help of this, developers get the ability of state management, which in simple terms means that they can better manage the application’s state through structured coding.

This structured coding typically contains three layers including the UI layer, followed by the Bloc layer, and lastly the repository layer. Each of these layers perform different tasks, together making it simple to manage the state of the application.

–        Hot Reload: Another highly developer friendly feature that Flutter boasts is the hot reload feature. This is helpful because the developers can spot any and all changes that are made into the code in real-time. Because of this, app developers no longer need to waste time trying to spot any changes, and go back-and-forth trying to make changes to accommodate the new change. The changes can be tracked on simulators or any kind of physical device that the developer may have set up, making it simpler to monitor what needs to be modified.

–        Widget Customization: Widgets are at the heart of Flutter features, transforming any flutter app from ordinary to extraordinary. The customizability options on the extensive widget library that flutter offers makes it possible and rather simple for the developers to not just add widgets as per the app requirements, but also use them to enhance its design and physical appeal. Because of the comprehensive widget library and customization options,customers do not need to worry about whether the app created will have a cohesive look or not.

–        Multilingual Applications: A unique feature that not many people know about is Flutter’s internationalization support capabilities. This is an in-built feature on the tool which basically offers support for application internationalization by offering the ability to create multilingual applications. With this, app developers can effectively build apps which cater to businesses that have an international consumer base. The feature can be leveraged to provide text and format of the apps in local languages as per user location.

–        User Interface: The user interface created by a flutter app development company stands out because it is very smooth and responsive to users. This is achieved with the help of the widgets that flutter apps are built with. The responsiveness is a great asset because this allows the apps to effortlessly adjust to different screen sizes.

In addition to creating elements of user interface that are universally applicable, app developers also get the ability to develop elements that are specific to the platform for which the application is being created. When creating such platform-specific elements, Flutter also ensures that the finished apps have a cohesive user experience.

–        Adding Animations: A very simple and effective way of making an app interesting and attractive is adding animations and effects. Flutter apps can very easily integrate a wide range of animations and other similar effects with the help of its built-in repository especially dedicated to special effects and animations for various purposes. With the help of this, flutter app developers can easily incorporate features ranging from simple page transitions or slide transitions to customized animated elements for greater user engagement.

–        Accessibility Elements: Flutter has also made integrating accessibility features a simple task with its in-built support for these features. Elements such as content scaling, and screen readers, help with simplifying these tasks as app developers can leverage them to make sure that the apps that they develop are easily accessible for all kinds of users including regular folks and people who might be experiencing some disability. Through this, it is ensured that no user is deprived of the ability to use the app.

If you are a developer who uses flutter for app creation, and have not checked these features out, what are you waiting for? If you are someone who is on the lookout for a flutter app developer, you may want to ask your potential service providers about their plan on using these features to optimize your app. Or, you can simply check out Surf company, a prominent developer of app via flutter, known for developing groundbreaking apps and utilizing flutter’s innumerable features to create apps that reflect the business identity.

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