Best Airpods Pro Cases for 2020

Apple Airpods Pro

The reviews for Apple airpods have been fantastic. Everyone who has the airpods confirm that they are easy to use and have quality sound output. Also, features such as external noise cancellation, longer battery life and wireless charging have made the airpods even more popular.

However, you will need to keep your airpods protected from avoidable damage, because the airpods are certainly not cheap. The best way to keep your airpods safe is by using a case.

In the market, online and offline, you will find so many airpod pro cases for sale. To help you make a good buying decision, we have rounded up the best airpods pro cases from iLounge that will help protect your airpods.

What do the best cases have?

Shock Protection

You should purchase airpods cases which are completely shockproof. These cases offer optimum protection and can keep your airpods safe when you are not using them


The best airpods pro cases are built to last. These cases are made from durable materials that withstand harsh weather conditions and other forms of wear.


You should buy an airpods pro case that will complement your sense of style. You will find different designs featuring many beautiful colors for sale.

Airpods Pro Cases by iLounge

We have selected these airpods pro cases by iLounge as our recommendation. On their site, you will find the following airpods pro cases available for purchase…

Silicone Airpods Pro Cases

The silicone finishing of these airpods pro cases make them scratch-resistant. The cases come in different colors and feature a karabiner, which is used to secure the airpods pro case to a backpack.

Leather Airpods Pro Cases

These cases are tough, yet stylish. They are finished with quality leather and can last for many years. There are no issues regarding fading, because leather always looks great, and it is easy to clean.

Transparent Hard Airpod Pro Case

This case has been designed with a hardened transparent material that allows you to see through the case when it is closed. It is classy and offers full protection from bumps or scratches.

Ultra-Thin Silicone Airpod Pro Case

This case is a great choice for people who need a protective case that is not bulky. It can easily fit in a purse or backpack without becoming an inconvenience. Alternatively, the airpods pro case can be attached to your keyring with the use of a karabiner.

Which case do you like the look of? Let us know!

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