Benefits of Using an On-Premise PBX Phone System

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An on-premise PBX phone system can be described as a self-contained phone system that is not connected to the public telephone network. It can be carried around from location to location but is usually kept in one place and connected to several desktop telephones.

Numerous companies can connect to one phone system without paying for individual services with an on-premise PBX phone system.

What is ab on-premise PBX phone system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. An on-premise PBX phone system is also known as a business communications system (BCS) or key telephone system (KTS). The term PBX can describe any telephone switchboard, whether digital, VOIP, analog or otherwise.

It’s simply a way of describing a business’s telephone system.

Generally speaking, an on-premise PBX phone system is made up of several components:

1. Telephone lines coming into the building on which multiple extensions are connected.

2. An automatic call distributor (ACD) distributes calls to the correct person’s extension using a rotary dialer, keypad, or the telephone system’s programming.

3. Centrex phone service is a type of on-premise PBX that enables every user to have a direct inward dialing number and access to an extension via a regular touch-tone phone without needing a physical line into the building.

4. A private branch exchange (PBX) or key telephone system (KTS) is an electronic telecommunications system that connects subscribers within buildings, enterprises, conference bridges, and virtual private networks.

There are many reasons that the average business owner would want to use an on-premise PBX phone system; click here to learn more.

Below find detailed advantages of using an on-premise PBX phone system

1. Build a phone system that works for your business

A PBX phone system offers the convenience of designing and building a telephone communications platform customized to fit your business requirements and budget.

2. Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Employees can concentrate on revenue-generating tasks by operating their desk telephones without wasting time dialing in through an electronic menu, navigating to the right department, or waiting to be routed through an IVR system that is not intuitive. Furthermore, with on-premise PBX phone systems that support unified messaging and fax services, employees can receive and manage all of their messages in one place.

3. Keep Up With Technology

PBX phone systems keep your business up-to-date by providing the latest voice and data technology. Since PBX phone systems integrate many different telephony services (voice, fax, email, etc.) into one system, you’ll never have to worry about missing a call or losing an important message. With your business constantly evolving, the on-premise PBX phone system’s ability to be easily upgraded at any time provides added resiliency to keep your business ahead of the curve.

4. Gain Operational Efficiencies

PBX phone systems can reduce overhead costs by factoring all your telephony needs into one simple cost rather than paying for separate services from multiple providers. Businesses that operate in more than one location and need to support worldwide communication can benefit greatly from a PBX phone system that enables them to place and receive calls anywhere.

5. Convey a Professional Image

On-premise PBX phone systems help improve the security of your business by permitting only authorized users to make outgoing calls. When customized with an auto-attendant, announcements, voicemail, and other advanced features, your on-premise PBX phone system will have more polished functionality than some of the publicly available telephone networks.


As the reasons above have shown, there are many advantages to running an efficient and effective on-premise PBX phone system. If you’re looking for a business telephone solution that offers total control, look no further than an on-premise PBX phone system.

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