Benefits of Online Transcription Services for Small Businesses in 2020

Transcription is the process of converting audio or video files into written texts. It is useful in numerous situations. Whether you are a college student requiring a transcript from an audio or video of a lecture or whether you are a journalist looking for a script of a spoken audio interview, professionalonline transcription services come in handy. One of the most important reasons for choosing online transcription services is, in any scenario, having a written document is always more convenient than any audio or video recording.

The process of transcription is laborious and requires precision. Thus, it is important to get in touch with the professionals if you want impeccable transcription services. The professionals can do the heavy lifting and convert any audio or video file into a written document on demand. The importance of online transcription services are prominent in businesses as well, especially for small businesses or startups.

The world is becoming more and more digital. Thus, in this digitized era, almost everything is accessed through different websites and mobile-optimized applications. This can be daunting for a business owner who is not keeping up with times. No need to worry though, with the right information, it is easier than you think. In this article, we are going to share how online transcription services can be beneficial for a small business organization.

Engaging in Effective Communication

There is no shred of doubt that audio and video contents are the best means to connect with any targeted audience. With audio and video content becoming a more and more integral part of the marketing mix, it can be said that visual marketing has become extremely important for any business. Whether it is a small business or a large one, chances are, your targeted audience will react to more of your video or audio contents.

The real value of efforts comes in when you combine the multimedia formats with transcription services. Combining multimedia formats with transcription is a great way of covering all the aspects of reaching a higher audience. How? Most of the people have their preferences on how they want to engage with the online content. Thus, you can serve more people by offering them with a preference on how to engage with the online content. Thus you can serve more people by offering them choices on whether they want to view, hear or read the information.

When they get options, they will start feeling comfortable in checking out your content more and more. Thus, it will help you generate traffic, create potential leads and grow your business. This is another benefit of choosing online transcription services for small businesses. The beauty of multimedia is that it will offer you opportunities to reach people.

Video provides a personalized visual appeal while the audio will allow them to do other things while listening. Adding a transcription will offer the visitors the opportunity to read the text, which, still is a preferred way to absorb knowledge. Also, transcripts are easier to share with people on social media where a lot of your followers do not have time to listen to an entire episode.

Beneficial For Creating an SEO Strategy

If your website/webpage comprises only podcasts or video content without any text, it will not get high search rankings. It doesn’t matter how valuable your content is. The primary search engines have web crawlers that read the texts, keywords and HTML codes for indexing. Thus, if there is not much readable content, then the primary search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will not bring it up to higher ranking in the search results of your target audience. Thus, it will affect the visibility of your website and web content.

The more you can provide good readable content with keywords, the more visibility it will have in the search engines. Once your website ranks higher in the search engine index, your website will have more visits, more clicks, and more audience. This is extremely important for small businesses. Because it enhances the business reach and boosts business growth. Make sure your content has enough “high ranking” keywords but do not overdo it. Causing a “keyword blast” will cause an over-optimization and it will backfire. Thus, make sure there is a balance.

Recognizing the Hearing Impaired

Online transcription services help you to reach the hearing impaired with the text version. The transcripts make sure that individuals with hearing disorders will have an opportunity for reading the content from the audio. The best part is, by adding transcripts to your audio or video file will send a message that you are socially-conscious and care about people that are not able to hear the audio. This will be an appeal to empathize with your audience. It will offer you a better chance to show that every individual is important to your business and you value your audience. Not only your information is valuable but it will portray you as a business owner with a heart and it matters.

Allows You in Adding Links

When you add transcribed texts, it becomes easier to insert links. Once you insert links, you open up much more web content for your visitors to explore. This is also known as back linking, redirecting the traffic to the webpages where they can find more information or they have a chance to connect with you. Your latest recording might touch topics that you have already written in previous blogs where you can provide links. It can be used for cross-promotion for your guests. This is how you increase your web page ranking and grow your business.


Audio and video are powerful means of connecting with your followers but adding the power of text comes with its own advantages. Not only will the transcripts help you to connect with your audience at various levels, but it will also help in organizing the information that you build over time. The audience is composed of individuals that use the internet differently. Thus, offering them multiple channels will help your cause.

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