Benefits of Carrot Soup Against Intestinal Problems and Diarrhea

carrot soup

Newborn babies should weak digestive system very often suffer from diarrhea. While most mothers feel sorry for their children, they do not want to give medicines because they are too young. Using carrot soup is one of the most effective and healed ways to get rid of the disease and also help your child prevent it. 

Therefore, the post will help you understand more about the benefits of carrot soups (

1. Why Carrots Cure Diarrhea Adequately?

Carrots contain pectin which when eaten into the intestine will form a colloidal form to soothe intestinal motility, limiting diarrhea. Besides, it also facilitates the growth of endogenous bacteria, invading harmful bacteria, foreign bacteria and bacteria fermenting rot in the large intestine. Pectin in carrots can also absorb mucus, water, gastric acid, bacteria, toxins, so pectin helps the intestinal mucosa to recover quickly.

Due to the high mineral salt content, especially potassium, eating carrot soup against intestinal problems and diarrhea will partially offset the amount of electrolyte loss by feces. Carrot soup is therefore used as a useful aid in treating diarrhea, says this EzineArticle.

2. The Use of Carrots

Carrots are not only used as a typical food in daily meals but also as a valuable medicine used in the treatment of several diseases, including diarrhea, according to Carrots have a large amount of pectin. When it enters the intestine, it expands into a gel that can soothe intestinal motility, thus limiting diarrhea. At the same time, it also creates favorable conditions for endogenous bacteria to grow, overwhelming the foreign bacteria and the fermenting bacteria in the large intestine.

On the other hand, due to the absorption of mucus, water, gastric acid, bacteria, toxins, pectin also helps intestinal mucosa to recover quickly, stool return to normal. Due to the abundance of mineral salts, especially potassium, carrots can compensate for the loss of electrolytes lost by feces. Due to the properties mentioned above, in carrots, carrot soup is often used as a remedy for diarrhea. Therefore, it can be said that carrot soup against intestinal problems and diarrhea.

3. How to Cook Carrots

The way to cook carrots is quite simple. And mothers can easily buy carrots at the mother market buy fresh carrots, wash them, cut a small piece and boil them up. Once boiled, the mother brought carrots to grind along with the broth to puree and put in baby porridge daily.

Or mothers can do medicine according to the following formula

 Take 500 grams of carrots washed, peeled, cut thinly sliced, simmer with 2 liters of water for 1 hour. Then, you can let dry to 1 liter, and remove carrots. You can bring crushed thoroughly, filter through cheesecloth, remove residue Add 3 grams of salt and bring to a boil again.

If your baby is taking complementary foods. In addition to breastfeeding, you feed the baby porridge or soup cooked with meat (lean pork or chicken), cooked and thinner than usual, adding about 100 ml of carrot soup. Offer little, eat a lot of meals (6-8 meals a day). When the baby less diarrhea, to reduce the amount of carrot soup, increasing the amount of porridge. Once the stools have formed a mold, feed your baby a healthy diet. You should remember to prioritize eating more meals in a few weeks and more food to help the baby recover.

– Cure diarrhea of children: Fresh carrots 500g shaved skin, cut pieces, put in 1 litre of broth as soup for children to eat 5-6 times a day, each time 100 – 150ml of soup. If your child has to drink or drink orezon water, reduce the amount of carrot soup equivalent to the amount of orezon juice or water

– Treatment of poor digestion, chronic dysentery: Fresh carrots 300g shaved peeled, washed, cut pieces, add five jujubes, glutinous rice just enough (50 – 100 g). Cook like porridge to eat. Eat continuously for 3-5 days.

– Treatment of constipation: Fresh carrots scrape off the skin, rinse, cut small pieces into a blender, add clean water, strain the liquid, and remove the residue. Take twice daily in the morning and evening; when drinking adds honey.

I hope that after the post, you will know more about carrot soup against intestinal problems and diarrhea. Furthermore, you will learn more about Japan crystals which can also help you treat diarrhea. If you need more useful information, don’t forget to visit our website to get more. Don’t hesitate to like and share the post!



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