Benefits of Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers in Fighting COVID-19

washing hands using sanitiser

As businesses open, employees want to feel comfortable and safe, knowing they have access to proper sanitation. The same applies to business clients. Besides implementing guidelines recommended by WHO such as social distancing, disinfecting workplaces and handwashing, you also need to have sanitisers in as many locations as possible.

Hand sanitisers are very effective at killing viruses such as COVID-19. However, it is vital to ensure you are using the right disperser. While manual sanitiser dispensers are useful, they are not suitable in fighting the current pandemic. Everyone will be touching the dispenser, and they may end up leaving or carrying the virus. This is where the need for an automatic touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser comes in. Below are three main benefits of automatic sanitiser dispensers.

Benefits of Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

1. No Contact for Better Sanitisation

The no-touch feature ensures minimal contact, which reduces virus and germ spread. Unlike manual dispensers, an automatic sanitising station eliminates the risk of contracting the virus or leaving the virus in surfaces by unnecessarily touching the dispenser. Instead, the automatic dispenser uses motion sensors to deliver the sanitising solution.

Hands-free sanitiser dispensers come in all manner of designs and sizes. Some require mounting, while others are standalone. Your choice will depend on your budget and needs.

2. Easy Accessibility

Whether you have a standalone or wall-mounted, a hand-free sanitiser dispenser is very convenient and fast. This means your employees and clients will have an easy time maintaining hygiene. Since it is quick and automated, you will not have staff or clients queuing to sanitise their hands. All you need to do is position these dispensers in strategic places so that no one is tempted to skip sanitisation. Otherwise, if you position the sanitisation station away from the work area, for instance, in the main entrance, employees and client will fall into the temptation of not sanitising.

3. Economical

With an automatic touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser, you will minimise wastage. Sanitisers are in high demand and hence costly. With a traditional sanitiser dispenser, it may sometimes dispense too much when pumped. Also, users do not know how much of sanitiser solution is enough leading to wastage. On the other hand, automatic dispensers are preset and will only dispense enough solution minimising wastage. This saves your business money as you will refill them less frequently.

Where to Buy Touch-Free Hand Sanitiser Dispensers?

If you are looking for a touch-free sanitiser dispenser for your home or business, visit They have world-class dispensers, both free-standing and wall-mounted. Their dispensers come with a 2 year warranty as a guarantee of quality. In addition, they also supply hand sanitiser alcohol liquid and gel making them a one-stop-shop for all your sanitisating needs.

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