Bellabeat’s New $10 Million Fund Shines the Light on Postnatal Depression

If you’ve been paying attention to women’s wellness spaces, then you might have noticed a sharp uptick in discussions surrounding motherhood, pregnancy, and, of course, postnatal depression. Once a taboo topic that was rarely discussed publicly, more people from everyday women to superstar celebrities are speaking out about their own experiences with postnatal depression. 

Now, Bellabeat, one of the biggest firms in the women’s wellness space, is taking on the issue head-on with a new $10 million fund that will seek out solutions to postnatal depression issues. This was recently announced, along with details of how the funds will be disbursed and who will benefit from it.

Bellabeat Invests in Postnatal Depression Issues

As per the official announcement, Bellabeat’s ultimate mission is to bring more attention to the issue of postnatal depression as well as fund holistic solutions to it. This fund is going to be disbursed over the period of a year to clinics and organizations that are working towards postnatal depression solutions. 

The selected candidates must be working on solutions towards postnatal depression, which is estimated to affect 3 in 10 mothers, despite the silence that surrounds it in society. Additionally, many of the women who eventually get diagnosed with postnatal depression do so far into their motherhood journeys and this means that many will never get the support they need or get the support too late in the game. 

Bellabeat is combating this not only by raising awareness around post-natal depression but also by developing their own in-house solutions for the issue. These solutions will work towards early detection and support for women suffering from post-natal depression. Analyzing user data, the algorithm detects which users are likely to develop postnatal depression and recommends the resources that can help them. 

The company will also support efforts from other companies working towards the same goal.

“Besides our own in-house research, we are also investing up to $10 million in innovative solutions from various scientific and medical projects with promising potential in the maternal health field,” the official announcement says. 

To determine who will receive funding, a Bellabeat team led by its Chief Scientific Officer will review potential recipients and make their choice. 

Once the research is done and the solutions are developed, they will be deployed on the Bellabeat platform and its millions of users will have access to these resources. As innovative as this is, it isn’t the first time that Bellabeat is using its algorithm to make predictions and recommendations to consumers. 

Its Ivy, a wearable medical tech device, tracks the vital signs of users such as resting heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep quality and duration, menstrual cycle, and breathing. Using this data, predictions are made about the ability of the user to resist stress, and a wellness program is also developed for each user that is unique to them.

Additionally, Bellabeat has invested in clinics in the United States that are working on postnatal depression solutions, as well as Ede Frecska, which develops innovative psychotherapies. 

Bellabeat and the Future of User Data

Many consumers are reluctant to share certain sensitive data with tech companies, especially when it comes to wellness. In light of the news of Flo, a popular period-tracking app, mishandling user data, this suspicion tends to grow even more. 

This is why companies like Bellabeat have put ethical data gathering and use at the core of their business model. This way, users can rest assured that not only is their data being ethically used, but it is being used to provide the best possible resources for them. 



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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