Be Here, Be There, Be Everywhere with Virtual Phone Numbers

virtual phone numbers

Historically, a phone number was tied to a physical location. The phone company would assign a phone number to work with a physical phone line, which would be installed at the actual location where the number would be used. Calls to that phone number would then exclusively be delivered to that location and businesses would have to receive calls using PBX systems. With a virtual phone number, the limitation of being tied to a physical location is removed. This allows a company to be here, be there, and be everywhere.

Using a phone number in a way that is more flexible and mobile, with zero reliance on a physical location where phone lines and phone systems are located can be very important for a business. Calls that are made to a virtual phone number can be handled by a remote agent or proxy, which will then forward calls based on whatever “rules” the business owner has established.

Virtual phone numbers are not just advantageous for businesses. Those who travel can also be here, be there, be everywhere with virtual phone numbers. Imagine having a virtual phone number and being able to give that local or toll free number to whomever you wish and any calls made to that phone number are then forwarded to the landline or cell phone number of your choosing when you are on the go.

The use of virtual phone numbers allows businesses to seamlessly connect a number of locations, maintain phone service during any incident that may be affecting a physical location, and eliminate the use of any bulky and expensive equipment and phone lines.

To give an example, a company that is headquartered in Los Angeles may have an office in New York City. The company may have virtual phone numbers that are local and also virtual phone numbers that are toll free.

One of the many features that may accompany the use of virtual phone numbers for business it the capability to have extensions, so that calls may be answered in one location and easily transferred to an extension that takes the call to a completely different location. Someone may even answer a call in the office and be able to easily transfer the call to the CEO’s mobile number that may be set up with an extension as well.

The ability to be here, be there, and be everywhere with virtual phone numbers is an amazing advantage. The cost savings when compared to average long distance calling charges are significant. The amount of flexibility to edit the service and have extensions changed, calls rerouted to different phone numbers automatically and so much more is unparalleled.

United World Telecom offers customers worldwide the ability to be here, be there, be everywhere with virtual phone numbers. United World Telecom also offers many features to accompany a virtual phone number and help to make communication simpler, more reliable and more cost effective both across state lines and across international borders. Features offered include phone number to over 150 countries, call recording, time of day routing, sequential forwarding, SMS forwarding, local ringback tones, advanced IVR/PBX, fax to email, simultaneous ringing, failover forwarding, rollover minutes, black and white lists, voicemail to email and instant activation.

With businesses in all sectors becoming increasingly competitive and expanding to both national and international markets to stay ahead of their competition, having a well-established, reliable and flexible system of communication in place is critical. United World Telecom helps you do just that, allowing you to be here, be there, and be everywhere with virtual phone numbers!



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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