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Finding the right barbershop and keeping a well-maintained look that goes well with your character is the key to building a stylish personality. In many ways, grooming is an art and it is important to get an expert opinion about your looks. Hair is a game changer as it can either create a cool look out of you or make you look like a troll. Furthermore, hairstyle is not just a word. It is alive and it evolves according to your ideas. Your hairstyle defines you and gives you individual identity. That’s why it is important that you find a good barbershop where you can get the best haircut that you deserve.

But how does someone go about finding a barbershop? How do you know when a barber is a keeper? It’s a straightforward process as you only need to consider three things:
 The reputation and experience of the barber for quality haircuts
 The cleanliness and quality of the barbershop
 The wait times of the barbershop

It’s a good idea to pick a few of the best barbershops in your area and then make individual appointments with each of them. Not all barbershops require an appointment and you can simply visit them to check them out. However, finding the best barbershops is the tricky part. Read on to learn the different ways to do so.

Finding the Right Barbershop in Your City

There are several ways to begin with. There are some old school ways to fining a barbershop in your area and then there are the modern ways. The traditional way is to ask around and follow the word of mouth. The other option is all about taking your search online.

Friends and Family

This is one of the safest ways to find a barbershop in your city and possibly a good one. It is likely that your friends get haircuts from different barbershops. So, when you are looking for a barbershop where you can get the best haircut, it is recommended that you contact your friends and family members before you do your own research.

But even if you ask your family and friends and they are satisfied with their barbers, there is a simple way to know whether or not the barber is good at his work. Wondering how? It’s quite simple. Just look at the haircut of your friend. It will help you determine whether or not the barber is good at what he does.

Ask Around

If you think your friends or family members are not a reliable source for the search of a good barbershop in your area, then the next thing you should do is ask around. Visit your nearby stores and ask for recommendations of a barbershop. You only need about ten different recommendations from which you can choose according to your preferences.

Not satisfied with this approach? Then you should consider asking complete strangers. There is no shame in asking someone where they got their haircut from. While it might seem a little intimidating to ask strangers for their beards or haircuts, this is a very successful approach when it comes to finding a barbershop to get the best haircut in your city.

Search Online

This is a modern approach to finding a barbershop in your area. It is very convenient. Just open a search engine like Google and type in your needs. Some simple examples would be typing in “haircut near me”, “barber shop near me”, “find a barber near me”, etc. Search engines are smart enough to pick up your location automatically. However, if you are in some unique place, then you will need to be more specific and include your location for better results. For instance, “barbershop in x-town”, “men’s grooming in x-city”, etc. It is recommended that you do a little background research into the shops, read the testimonials, and what kind of services they offer. If you can take your search to social media platforms like Instagram, you may find some interesting photos of actual haircuts. To do this, simply type in the above keywords with the word Instagram.

Also, use barbershop locator sites like They are extremely useful sites that allow you to quickly and easily find awesome barbers or barbershops in your area. Hundreds of shops are added to these sites on regular basis and the database grows daily.

Trial and Error

If none of the above-mentioned approaches work for you, you will need to take the matter into your own hands. The only thing that is left is to begin tying the barbershops in your city one by one. If you are not satisfied with the first barbershop you find, you visit another and so on. One thing that is highly recommended is that you ask the barber something simple so that you can see how he is going handle the task. Something like trimming your beard or hair. In this way, you can get warning signs and decide if you want to stick to this barbershop or continue you search.

Final Word

As a man, finding a good barbershop that fits your personality and style can be challenging. Most salons cater to female clients and many of the barbershops that do focus on men, seem to be of low quality. If you are someone who appreciates value and quality and prefers a more sophisticated style, then finding the right place for you can be difficult.

However, the effort is all worth it in the end. With an experienced barber to do your hair, the world naturally becomes a happier place to live. Barbers excel at memorizing the preferences and tastes of regular clients. And as a client, you always know that whenever you need a good trim in your city, you can simply go in, sit in the barber’s chair, and say “the usual”. These are the simple joys of having that one barber that you can count on.

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