Bar Stool Buying Guide

Not all restaurants have bar stools but they’re a great addition to have. Since they’re not as common as other restaurant furniture, when you do have them, you want to make sure that they stand out. Since they are great pieces and tend to attract more guests, there are some characteristics that your stools should have to make them the best they can be. 

To get the best results, keep these few characteristics in mind when purchasing bar stools. 

You want to make sure that the chair is not too tall, but also not too short. If it’s too tall, the guest will be towering over the bar. On the other hand, if it’s too short, the guests won’t be able to eat, drink, or talk to the bartender comfortably. Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation. To avoid these types of issues, be sure to measure the height of the bar before starting your search for the best bar stools. 

The width of the stools are also important. You don’t want the stool to be too wide, otherwise it becomes difficult for the guests to get in and out of their spaces. To help get this right, measure the length of your bar, and then look at different sized stools. After that, figure out how much and how many stools you need in order for your guests to remain comfortable during their dining experience. 

  • Movability: Along the lines of wanting your customers to be able to move about easily, you also want to make sure that the stools themselves are easy to move. This primarily means that your stools shouldn’t be extremely heavy. If they’re light, guests can simply push them back to get up. 

Another way to make sure your bar stools have more movability is by making sure they can swivel. This is very helpful and a great quality for your stools to have because it’s more convenient than having to push your chair all the way in and out when getting up. 

  • Style: Even though the looks of your bar stools aren’t going to cause any issues, there are some stylistic choices that can make an impact on a diners experience. Having a back and arms are a great sell for customers. It makes the chairs more comfortable which allows customers to truly relax and enjoy their time at your restaurant. Another way to enhance your bar stools is by cushioning them. Even if it’s not much, having a little cushion on your seat makes a world of difference. 

Obviously, while these are important, these aren’t the only factors that you need to keep in mind when buying bar stools. Be sure to also stick within your budget, pick stools that fit your restaurant’s aesthetic, and choose stools that are comfortable. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy a nice meal or some drinks while sitting on an uncomfortable seat. Another tip for finding affordable stools is to look at bar stools for sale. Sale items are especially great when you’re on a tighter budget.

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