Bali on a Budget: Here’s How You Can Save Your Money in 2022

gates of heaven

With more than 17,000 Islands in Indonesia, Bali has made it to the list of most desirable ones for tourists in 2022.

Indonesia is astonishing in every way. Amazing food, soul-soothing coffee, globally renowned spas and relaxation centres, the South-eastern country has everything that has rendered it a spot on planet earth that tourists literally drool upon.

Secondly, the beaches and islands are worth gazing at even digitally. So imagine how beautiful they must be for the naked eye. To be honest, staring at the pictures digitally through a cheap high-speed internet that allows you to download as many as you may wish, cannot provide the satisfaction experienced through self-witnessing these places.

Let me tell you even for a digital tourist like myself who can’t afford to take time out to visit every captivating spot on planet earth that I fall in love with, it is quite something to have the opportunity to gaze upon shots captured in the strikingly beautiful islands of Indonesia. The mesmerizing natural beauty of these rather incomparable tourist destinations seems to put you into a trance even through your device’s screen.

Nevertheless, if you’re blessed enough to take time out of your busy routine to visit beautiful nature-spots around the world, you must plan Bali in – after all that is why we are here to help you!

What’s All the Fuss About?

Being online for countless hours justifies my obsession with tourist destinations. Facebook and Instagram have managed to push this obsession into a research-oriented endeavour with their short clips and story features. Digital journeys depicting the unmatched beauty of landscape from varied desirable tourist destinations, have in fact made me highly curious – I really feel like finding out as much as I can about these highly sought-after tourist destinations.

My digital journey only brought me in touch with people traveling to Bali – visitors who put up striking pictures of their trip to the island. And it was because of this, I was eager to find out what was all the fuss about.

The following bits and pieces of information about Bali satisfied my curiosity. And I’m sure sharing it would do the same for the readers:

Captivating Culture: Bali is more than just a bunch of beautiful beaches. The place is a habitat for diverse cultures, cultural practices and events. People living in Bali, the Balinese, are known for holding many cultural celebrations throughout the year and the tourists are made to become a part of that. One such famous cultural celebration is the Omed-Omedan Kissing Festival.

  • Living The Religion: Bali might be recognized for its natural beauty and astonishing culture but besides this he island is home to spirituality as well.  The populace, especially the Hindus, have made temples within their homes wherein they pray daily. The place is rich with beautiful temples constructed by the sea and atop the mountains filling up the entire island with a mystical vibe.
  • Great Accommodation: The people in Bali are very welcoming towards the tourists. And not only are the people, the owners of high-end resorts and affordable hotels great at provision of accommodation. In Bali, you can even rent private villas during your stay at incredibly reasonable rates.

Now that I’ve pretty much put initial curiosity to rest, I believe it’s time to address the actual topic of the blog:

Tips To Save Money during Your Trip to Bali:

Let’s admit it, any foreign trip can be pretty expensive. If you’re not someone who lives in Indonesia, the following tips will help you save money on your trip to Bali in 2020:

1) When it Comes to Food, Stay Local

Being one of the most visited tourist locations in 2021, Bali now has tons of westernized restaurants that cater to tourists. While these high-end restaurants serve food that’s worth advertising on your Instagram, these eateries are heavy on your pocket.

Eating at local restaurants in Bali is the best way to save money and at the same time be served upon delicious Indonesian food sold at highly economical prices. Warungs (see here) – a type of small family owned café or restaurant – is one such example wherein you shall be served delicious local food at very pocket-friendly rates.

2) Trip it with Scooter

Bali is a place that cannot be explored on foot. On your trip to Bali, you’ll be therefore left dependent upon drivers. While drivers are available in abundance, it still costs you a dear amount of money to afford one. To save yourself from the hassle, and to sight-see Bali without breaking the bank, you can easily rent a scooter – and you’ll be all set to wander off to beautiful places, that too economically.

3) Cash it Out

There’s something you need to learn about Bali before planning your trip in 2022.

Bali isn’t the kind of place where you can swipe your credit card wherever you go.

Most shops and stores don’t accept payment through card and even if they do, they’ll charge you a heavy additional amount for that. Therefore, the best you can do to save money is go old school and pay cash.

These were just a few budget-friendly tips for a Bali tour that every tourist should know. If you want to know more about Bali you might as well visit the place in 2022.

Bali isn’t the only place to visit though. Why not try Semarang? Semarang is the capital and largest city of the Central Java province. The city was actually named the cleanest tourist destination in Southeast Asia by the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard (ACTCS) for 2020–2022. Semarang, with its multicultural history, would be the best city for those who love exploring cities with diverse cultural heritage. We’d recommend staying at Hotel Aruss if you decide to explore Semarang. Have you been? Comment below!

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