Backyard Summer Party Ideas

Backyard Summer Party Ideas

Once summer starts, you cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. One of the best ways to celebrate summer is with your friends and family. Having some ideas for backyard summer parties will help to ensure that you are always ready to play host to a summer celebration.

Traditional Summer Barbecue

A traditional summer barbecue means great food, a diverse spread and some basic decorations. The food is the most important element, so you want to make sure that you pick a variety of choices and the right cooking methods.

The charcoal smokers at are easy to use and will ensure a smoky flavor for your meats and vegetables. You can also use these smokers for chicken, fish and potatoes, so that you can cook everything you need with one device.

You can also consider using one of the best pellet smokers to cook the food for the barbecue. The hoppers on these smokers are dense, allowing you to cook a lot of food without needing to refill the pellets. Your foods will have a smoky flavor that your guests are sure to enjoy.

You only need some basic decorations for this type of party. Add some tablecloths, a few streamers and summer-inspired centerpieces. If you are celebrating a specific summer holiday, such as the Fourth of July, a few decorations related to this holiday are also ideal.

Serve a signature cocktail, some non-alcoholic punch and ice-cold water to round out the food and beverages. Add a little music and you and your friends can party the day away.

Wine Tasting Party

A warm evening and a gorgeous sunset are the perfect environment for a backyard wine tasting. You can keep this party intimate and have a group of 10 people or less. This makes it easier to plan. A small guest list is also less expensive.

You only need six to 10 different wines for this type of party. Make sure that you have a mixture of red and white wine. For more diversity, you can also add blush wine or a sparkling wine to the beverage list.

Serve a few basic foods too. A cheese plate always works well with wine. You can also provide mini sandwiches, chopped fruit and chocolate, as all of these options complement wine well.

It is best to use actual glasses for a wine tasting party. Glass ensures a smoother taste compared to paper or plastic cups. The dishes for the food, however, can be paper or plastic to save you on cleaning time once the party ends.

Play some relaxing music at this party. Since you will likely be hosting this at night, some string lights or a nice bonfire can create a warm and relaxing environment.

Afternoon Sundae Party

If you are looking for a backyard party that is perfect for people of all ages, an afternoon sundae party fits the bill. This is also a relatively inexpensive option. You will need a few flavors of ice cream and the basic sundae toppings.

Use plastic spoons and bowls for the sundaes. Serve two beverage options. You can choose to have a few games set out for your guests to enjoy when they are eating their ice cream.

For example, set up a couple cornhole boards, a checker’s board, lawn bowling and similar games that are inexpensive and can be played by people of all ages.

Potluck Party

When you host a potluck, all of your guests will bring a dish. You can have a theme or just let people bring their favorite dish to get the biggest variety of food.

You should provide two to three main dishes (here are some ideas). For example, provide a meat, a chicken and a fish option. Your guests will bring the drinks, desserts and side dishes.

Make sure that you have a large table to hold all of the food. People will serve themselves buffet style for this type of party.

This is a good choice when you want to host a party that will be relatively inexpensive. It is also ideal when you are looking for ideas that are appropriate for people of all ages.

Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian parties may seem cliché but they are always ideal for hot summer days. Serve a variety of Hawaiian-inspired foods, such as blackened fish or pineapple chicken. Some tropical drinks and desserts will finish out your menu.

You can play tropical music to create a relaxing vibe reminiscent of island life. Decorate using topical flowers and bright colors for this party. 

Have classic games for your guests to enjoy. For example, a ring toss game or a limbo competition fit well into the Hawaiian theme.

Pool Party

When the upcoming weekend is going to be hot, help your friends and family stay cool by hosting a pool party. Make sure you have some floats, balls and pool games for your guests to play. Here are some more ideas –

If this party will be kid-friendly, having some life jackets and an adult who refrains from alcohol to act as a lifeguard is a good idea. This will ensure safety for all of your guests who get into the pool.

Keep the food and drinks light since people will be swimming and relaxing. Some hot dogs, hamburgers and basic side dishes are ideal for this type of party. You can keep some chips and crackers out after the main meal is finished.

If you do not have a big pool, you can still host this type of party. Set up a sprinkler or two and a few plastic kiddie pools for people to dip their feet into. You might also consider putting down a slip and slide.

To add some fun competition to the party, you can do relay races that include obstacles that include water. There are many options. 

Use these ideas to plan the perfect party for yourself and your closest friends. All of these are relatively simple, so you can easily get everything together to ensure a great time for everyone who stops by.



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