Automated Light Switch from Evvr

Evvr makes home automation products that are user friendly, and enhance the functionality of your home. They are all about customer convenience and integrating smart products into your exiting home.

The Homekit light switch is one of the key products in the Evvr lineup, offering automated light functionality that can connect directly into a smartphone app. This Homekit smart switch can be installed in homes that already have smart functionality built in, as well as in older homes that may not be optimized for smart devices. 

Once installed, you can use your iPhone or other Apple device to activate lights remotely, from inside or outside your home. 

Remote Activation Means Peace of Mind and Convenience

If you’re like most people, you always have your phone with you. Evvr gives you the power to use your phone to turn on lights with just a few taps, without having to physically walk to a light switch on the wall. The Apple Homekit light switch can be turned on from anywhere in the house, as long as you have your mobile device handy. 

If you want to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, you don’t have to stumble around in the dark until you reach a light switch. You can simply turn on your phone, open the app, and activate the light from the comfort of your bed. No more stubbed toes and pitch-black trips to the bathroom!

You can activate the lights as you are coming home as well, says DigitalTrends. Before you enter your home, you can be greeted by lights through the window, turning them on when you get close enough. You don’t have to leave on a light for when you go out just so you will be able to see clearly when you come back home. This saves you a lot of electricity, and that’s part of why the relay switch is such an environmentally friendly piece of equipment. 

Compatible Technology

Evvr can install Homekit lights practically anywhere. Their product works with just about any kind of light bulb, and the switch relay can be set up out of sight inside your electrical box alongside existing switches, and it won’t interfere with them. Evvr have extensive experience in fitting their tech into homes of all kinds, working with a wide range of electrical systems and home designs. 

Evvr tech works with pretty much any kind of wall switch too, and they can wire the smart light into your existing switches without changing how they look. You can get all the convenience of a smart Homekit switch for your home without having to make drastic changes, or pay hefty installation and repair costs. Making the switch to smart lights in your home is simple and affordable. 

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