Are You Looking for the Best Carbon Fiber Sheets and Tubes?

Carbon Fiber Tube

We use carbon fiber tubes and Carbon Fiber Sheets daily in our products’ manufacturing. As a premium high tech company that produces top-notch Drones we demand premium materials to build those kind of products.

We chose Jinjiuyi not only for their high end products, but also for their outstanding customer support. Jinjiuyi is the most sophisticated carbon fiber (definition) sheet manufacturer and supplier we have dealt with in the last couple of years, that’s why we are reviewing their products to show how reliable this supplier was and how Jinjiuyi had contributed to our success, they were a strong good reason behind our premium products manufacturing and delivery to our satisfied customers all over the world.

Our most ordered products from Jinjiuyi is their High Gloss Carbon Fiber Sheets ( and Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes (details), their have weave plain and twill weave, with different specifications and custom orders each time. Whatever our order specification was they delivered, we always order 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm carbon fiber sheets sizes. For carbon fiber tubes, we use round tubes with outer and inner diameter is 30*28mm, length 480mm, and they drilling holes free for us according to our design. Other tubes can be seen at

Jinjiuyi High Gloss Carbon Fiber Sheets proved to be anti-UV, Light weight, High strength, good flexibility, Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. The round carbon fiber tubing is black color, twill matte surface, with a beautiful and shiny appearance. These are the Ideal materials for contoured or angled cuts for our FPV racing drone frames and all our products manufacturing. Not to mention their high-end finishing which is one of the best in the current market. Top of all, Jinjiuyi supplies our factories in different locations across the United States of America with ease.

So as a satisfied customer to Jinjiuyi, or to better phrase this I consider them as our partners, I give them  5 stars for their quality of products, 5 stars for their sophisticated customer service, and 5 stars for their supply chain management. I would much recommend them to any business that needs to level up their standards and deal with a premium supplier, at the same time offering very reasonable prices for their products and services.

If you have a project in drone frames same with us, we suggest you contact Jinjiuyi, they have best 12.9 class screws, M3 Anodized Aluminum standoffs and press nuts for one-step purchasing. Jinjiuyi is a professional carbon fiber supplier and they can friendly help you.

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