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Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 12? Well, that is a great move. Once you buy the phone, you will of course want to transfer all of your previous files to your brand new iPhone. But, how do you safely transfer your old files and data to your new iPhone 12?

Transferring files can be a daunting task, but thanks to AnyTrans, the process is now seamless. AnyTrans is an all-in-one data manager for Apple devices. The app lets you migrate data from your old Android or iPhone to your new iPhone 12 in just one click. What makes this app the best? Well, below are some reasons as to why you should try AnyTrans.

1. One Click To Migrate Data To iPhone 12

Transferring data from an old phone to a new device is never easy. In the past, you needed to either backup files to the cloud, or use a local backup. These two methods are now thankfully outdated. Luckily, you need not go through all this trouble to transfer old files to your new iPhone 12. With AnyTrans, you can transfer all your previous mobile data to your new device. The transfer process is easy with just one click.

2. A Great Helper For iPhone 12 Daily Usage 

Besides the easy transfer of data, AnyTrans comes with other features that make your daily routine tasks easy. Some of these features include:

  • Daily Data Management 

Many smartphone users use their phones to transfer media files, such as photos and music, between their smartphones and computers. If you often transfer media files from your PC to a smartphone, AnyTrans comes with a Device Manager that makes the transfer easier. This feature allows you to add new files to your phone from your PC quickly.

  • Daily Data Backup

Due to accidental data losses, it is important to back up your phone’s data. Backing up your data ensures you can retrieve it if you lose your phone, or delete your files accidentally. For easy data backup, AnyTrans offers a Backup Manager, which ensures a wireless iPhone 12 data backup. This feature also comes with an automatic backup capability in case you forget to backup on time. Restoring backed up data is also easy with just a few clicks. 

3. Essential Utility Tools For iPhone 12

New iPhones come with many features, and it can be hard to make the best of all of them. This is where AnyTrans comes in, offering features that improve the user experience. For instance, AnyTrans comes with a Ringtone Maker, which allows ringtone customization. It also makes downloading and installing apps easy with the App Downloader feature. iPhone mirroring is also made easy with the Screen Mirroring feature. There is also a Media Downloader feature, which also improves user experience.  

4. The #BackupWithAnyTrans Campaign

If you have been an iPhone user and are yet to upgrade to iPhone 12, AnyTrans is running a contest where you can participate and win an iPhone 12. In the #BackupWithAnyTrans contest, the company is giving away an iPhone 12 to a lucky user. All you need is to share your experience with your first iPhone. Why not give it a try?

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