An Ultimate Guide to Recover Lost Video Files

Video files might take a long time to record, edit, and export, yet they can also vanish in an instant. One erroneous click or slip in judgment is all it takes. On both Windows and macOS, there are solutions for video recovery, such as Wondershare Recoverit video recovery software, and we’ll go through a couple of them below.

Can you retrieve videos that have been deleted? Yes, it is usually possible to recover videos that have been accidentally deleted. Do you have a fear of the word “often”? Don’t be like that! You’ll have a decent chance of recovering all of your lost video files if you follow data recovery best practices.

Are you looking for how to make video clearer and how to recover video that are lost from your Pc then you are at the right spot this post will lead you to the best way to recover and make you video clearer.

Common causes of video corruption/loss:

There’s a fair likelihood that at least some of the videos you’ve shot and saved on your computer are significant to you. They could record a once-in-a-lifetime event, like your child’s first steps or a  special occasion.

While it is hard to put a monetary value on these videos, they may have significant personal and emotional worth. You don’t want to be without them. Unfortunately, you may need to employ data recovery software to recover video or deleted files for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

Error due to human error:

The majority of data loss incidents had human mistakes that led to the issue. It might be as easy as emptying the Recycle Bin after accidentally removing files or formatting the wrong SD card. As long as people are involved, there is always the possibility of making mistakes.

Failure of the hardware:

You can lose videos due to a hardware fault with the disc or the device that housed them.

Extreme circumstances:

A damaged disc and probable data loss might come from exposing your computer or mobile device to very hot, cold, or damp temperatures, says HowtoGeek.

You can think of a few more instances that will result in your movies being deleted. These situations have one thing in common: you’re left rushing to retrieve the files in a timely way.

Common ways to recover Lost Video Files:

Many computer users use mobile devices and digital cameras extensively to record important or fascinating moments on video. These videos are often saved on SD cards, external storage devices, or a hard drive.

There’s always the possibility that the computer will accidentally delete some videos. It only takes one lousy click for your stuff to vanish for good. You may have even formatted a drive or SD card only to discover that it still included videos you wanted to save.

You can retrieve your data from a backup or the Recycle Bin. What if you don’t have a backup of these films, and you deleted them without emptying the Recycle Bin? Data recovery software offers the best possibility of recovering those movies in situations like this.

We suggest that you attempt the strategies listed below in the order they are listed, but you can start with the option that appears to be the most promising to you.

Examine the Recycle Bin:

In Windows, the Recycle Bin is a unique area where deleted data are temporarily saved for quick retrieval. It will restore the original location of the file.

You may also drag and drop files to any area, including external storage devices. To do so, open File Explorer, go to the selected recovery location, then drag and drop your films from the Recycle Bin to the File Explorer window.

Use the File History Backup to Recover Files:

Following the Recycle Bin, your backup folder or program should be in the following location to look for deleted video files. Many Windows users regularly rely on the File History function, which backs up files from your Libraries, desktop, Contacts, and Favorites folders.

Use Data Recovery Software:

Even if you don’t have a backup to restore from, there’s always hope! Permanently deleted files are frequently found on storage devices even after the logical connections that allow them to be opened have been erased.

You can find the files and restore the logical links that use specialized data recovery tools. Wondershare Repairit is the data recovery software program we suggest the most, and it stands out for its performance, simplicity, and dependability.

How to Recover Damaged/Lost Videos with Recoverit:

Download and install Wondershare Recoverit video recovery Software on your system; then, follow the procedures below to recover your lost or deleted videos.

Step 1:

Use the video recovery program and choose the trash bin folder to get started.

Step 2:

Recoverit will begin looking for your missing video, which might take a few minutes.

Step 3:

After the scan is complete, you may browse and review all of the movies that it found. To save your video files to a secure location, select them and click “Recover.”

Step 4:

Recoverit provides a comprehensive scan and video recovery option called “Advanced Video Recovery” in the bottom-left corner of the screen if you’re seeking lost or deleted videos. Click it to do a comprehensive search for large-format videos.

Step 5:

Please wait for the Deep Scan to merge and splice the video fragments before retrieving them.

The program will display and preview the Advanced data recovery findings. You may search for and view specific videos on the Recoverit interface. Select the videos you wish to preserve and click Recover.

Why should you Use Wondershare Recoverit?

Wondershare Recoverit is the most effective way to recover video file when all other options have failed. Wondershare Recoverit is a powerful file recovery tool dedicated to restoring your data. This user-friendly tool is your best bet for retrieving data from a PC or any other data storage device that has been lost, misplaced, or is no longer accessible. It has a recovery rate of above 98 percent.

Features of Recoverit:

The following are Wondershare Recoverit’s most prominent features:

Recovering lost Video:

Wondershare Recoverit might help you recover damaged, truncated videos. It has two repair modes: rapid or advanced repair, which may fulfill varied demands and improve repair quality. Recoverit is a trustworthy data recovery solution that allows you to recover lost data with only a few clicks.

The advanced edition not only allows you to recover lost files and un-partition a hard disc or USB drive, but it also help you if you are seeking how to make video clearer and even recover data from a damaged computer. This program can help you recover data that has been destroyed due to human or software mistakes.

Video Recovery for Advanced Users:

Videos are different from any other type of data. You may realize that the video is corrupted after using the application to preview it. From now on, don’t be concerned. Recoverit Data Recovery Advanced will notify you and assist you if this is the case. It finds, gathers, and matches fragments of your corrupt films, guaranteeing that the vast majority of them are restored.

Filter for a specific file type:

What is the most effective way to sort the desired files from hundreds to millions of results? Use the “Filter” feature. It allows you to access information by filtering a specific file type quickly.

Limitations of Wondershare Recoverit:

The following are some of Wondershare Recoverit’s limitations:

  • Wondershare Recoverit focuses on scanning and recovery, with few options for adjusting parameters.
  • Using the free version is not recommended. The software’s restricted functions prevent you from getting a complete picture of what it can achieve, and the 100MB restriction is insufficient.

Final Words

Wondershare Recoverit may recover video files on Windows and Mac systems in various ways. Before going on to procedures that can solve even permanent file deletion, you should start with ways that need the least time and effort, such as checking the Recycle Bin/Trash folder.

In addition, consider the following video recovery techniques. You can always trust Wondershare Recoverit for Video, a highly safe and effective solution for fixing corrupted video files in the case of video corruption. It also provides a free trial that lets you see how the video will look when it has been restored. Wondershare Recoverit is the best tool if you are searching for how to make a blurry video clear.

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