An Investment Opportunity for Entrepreneurs to Deliver Ease in America

The existence of super apps has been around for a few years, especially in Asia, however, the concept of Super apps hasn’t made a significant impact in America till now. There are 290+ million smartphone users in the US who swap between the apps to use varied services provided by varied apps.

“The vast population of the United States desires a super app that incorporates the entire digital activities in one place,” states a study from PYMTS. The study further discovered that 11% would like one single app to manage their entire digital lives wherein 67% of customers prefer two of their activities integrated. Travel, entertainment, and shopping are three main pillars that the customers want to be integrated for further convenience in one single app. 

Vividly, the demand for a Super App is prevalent in the United States, and to fulfill this, Halen steps in as a one-stop-shop for essential services that Americans require. 

Halen is bringing Comfort and Convenience In Your Moving World, thus utilizing this super app is an opportunity that cannot be missed. With the elite quality of software user interface, the firm underpinnings of app programming, and the high level of convenience offers to the customers, Halen offers the best services to ensure the users’ lives are better and easier. This is made possible by assuring that their experience is enjoyable and optimized through seamless service.

It has been anticipated that by 2025, global consumer spending will cross $270 billion annually as the customer is dependent on booking tickets to order food through mobile apps. Easy and convenience have become an integral part of their lives, especially since the pandemic. 

Rideshare, Flight Booking, Food, Grocery, Retail Delivery, and Vacation Rental is all possible through Halen. The app also offers an opportunity to invest in a $1.5 trillion market as per Statista wherein Halen’s franchisees have the potential to make more than $2 Million each year; this solely depends on the area’s population. 

Halen’s Franchisee Model

Conceived and driven by a team of hands-on experienced professionals, Halen is emerging as the go-to app in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is strengthening the franchise model by utilizing its hyper-local stance. This factor provides Halen with a stronger hold over cost control which doesn’t let it struggle to find profitability. Simple and efficient, these factors deliver high-profit potential to the franchisees.

Following the current conditions without zero hassles, at the end of the five-year operating phase, Halen’s worth might surpass over $500 million in equity value.

A franchisee who obtains a license for a franchise from Halen gains exclusive rights to offer its services to the customers in their region (territory). Halen has not set a particular amount as a franchise fee but offers a diverse range starting from $50,000 to $500,000. The franchisee will share a set percentage of the revenues from their operations with Halen who will provide extensive training and support for successful launch and operation in their respective region. These services deliver comfort to the franchisee to become a prominent part of this endeavor. Additional information for investment opportunities can be found on the Wefunder page.

The key highlight points of Halen are numerous, diverse, effective, and efficient for the franchisees. Accompanying multiple services, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning curate and expands user experiences at all times. These established aspects allow Halen’s franchise model to sit on the pedestal with integrity and pride. The model is renowned amongst the investors and is considered to succeed at a higher rate than other business models.

It is noteworthy that franchisees launch an innovative, new and exciting business without the requirement of idea creation and with a promise of significant profit margins. Relentless execution by a well-financed aspiring entrepreneur with the experience to run a business is a win-win situation for both parties. 

The Team Behind the Super App

Halen was founded, conceived, and developed by Edward Mbeche, Chandra Gundlapalli, and Kennedy Ross. The experienced trio with significant entrepreneurial backgrounds came together to make Halen a reality. Working upon their years of experience, they fathomed the requirements of customers and investors and created a product that is highly convenient and has the potential to generate substantial returns.

Edward Mbeche’s experience goes beyond 20+ years in the transportation & hospitality industry. He is also an Author and Comedian along with the Founder of Halen, a super app combining rideshare, food, and retail delivery. Chandra Gundlapalli (more info) is known for his commitment to the field of business transformation and is awarded Marquis Who’s Who in America’s top executive and top 100 diverse leaders in technology recognition by the National Diversity Council.

Kennedy Ross’s experience ranges over 15 years where he developed content for various companies and organizations, including tech storage, music promotion and marketing, online magazines, and publications. He has also seen through multiple projects as co-owner and executive producer of an independent production company.

As a team, they developed a franchise model to cater to the specific needs of individual communities. “We built Halen with the intention of creating a product that would make peoples’ lives easier while also providing investors with an opportunity to generate significant returns,” says Kennedy Ross, Co-Founder and Chief Of Staff at Halen Technologies. “Halen is a win-win for everyone involved.” 

The flexibility offered by Halen makes it a remarkable choice for customers and franchisees who need to balance the demands of work and personal life.

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