An Introduction to PT Qualifications UK

An Introduction to PT Qualifications UK

The best way to obtain your PT qualifications UK is to enroll with the ONGYM Level 3 Personal Training Course. This course is designed to help you become a dedicated and successful personal trainer in not more than a couple of weeks.

Work as an Independent Trainer

With your Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, you will find it easy to work as an independent personal trainer. In fact, your PT qualifications UK will provide you with the stepping stone to better employment opportunities and it would also enable you to earn a better and bigger salary. Best of all, with these PT qualifications UK, you will be well on your way to becoming a specialist Level 4 qualified personal trainer.

Your Best Bet

The OnGym Level 3 Personal Training course is really your best bet if you want to hold a level 2 qualification which in turn will help launch you into a higher level in your career as a personal trainer. With your Level 3 Personal training qualifications, you would be able to also attain the higher and much coveted REPS Level 3 status.

Suits Those Who are Passionate About Fitness

People who are passionate about fitness and also those who like to communicate the benefits of personal fitness and who are ready to work hard will do well to use these PT qualifications UK to further their career goals. The Level 3 Personal Training course gives you a multi-dimensional expertise and is perfect for those looking to become professional personal trainers.

Beneficial in a Number of Ways

The Level 3 Personal Training course is very beneficial in a number of ways. It is fully endorsed as well aa accredited by REPS and CIMPSPA ( The course itself is broad and also very diversified and covers all the essentials of becoming a professional personal trainer. Paying for these PT qualifications UK is also not a problem as you can take advantage of flexible payment options with interest-free payments. Best of all, you can fast track your course and be one of the 98 percent of students who normally pass the course.

The Right Platform for Success

The Level 3 Personal Trainer Course mentioned above gives you the platform to become a dedicated and qualified personal trainer. This course won’t require a lot of your time as you can complete it in two weeks’ time. Once you obtain this PT qualification UK, you can start working on your own as a personal trainer to your clients and of course, such qualifications also improve your employability. Best of all, this course prepares you for further specialist qualification and at the same time, it also gives you your best shot at earning a substantial amount of money by way of salary.

Good Prospects

It may come as a pleasant surprise to learn that in the year 2016 there were over twenty thousand qualified personal trainers in the UK, according to This number is expected to rise and so it makes sense for you to obtain your PT qualifications UK in order to stand out from the crowd and stand a better chance of gaining suitable employment as a personal trainer.



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