An E-Learning Platform Is Attracting Dismayed Students By Using Creative Content For Engagement 

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According to a survey, 90% of students feel they should pay less for online courses as they are less effective. The data was collected from the responses of 5000 full-time undergraduate students from more than 200 universities in the U.S. 

The above setbacks have occurred due to several reasons wherein students are evading e-learning platforms. Some of the reasons are:

  • Non-present teachers: There is a constant complaint by the students of missing and absent teachers during online learning classes. The platform manifests the feeling of impersonal touch, isolation, and non-interactiveness amongst both students and teachers. The quality of teachers varies since teaching quality deteriorates with less experience. 
  • Poor advising and delay in replies: Students on e-learning platforms are seen as customers. These students are sometimes forced to pay large amounts of money even though the skills have been self-taught. No thanks to the teacher/s who did not respond. The lack of revert and responses has led to the students bidding goodbye to his platform and regretting their decisions.
  • Challenging group work: Group assignments fill students with dread as they are educationally inappropriate. However, the administration is inclined toward cost-effective group assignments. The focus is on generating profit through the e-learning sector and is a favored cost-cutting method.
  • Substandard quality control: The students persevere to obtain the online degree, which comes with added expenses. Gaining admission, meeting degree requirements, passing the exams, getting financial assistance, and meeting deadlines. This shows that apart from the e-learning experience, there are several factors where the learning process can fail. In saying so, for some students, it falls apart occasionally.
  • Abysmal course design: Let us break the myth – Online courses can be far away from being user-friendly. To create an attractive course, time, finances, and efforts are required by the creators that are amiss. Building a promising user interface with pleasing aesthetics is an additional requirement. Innumerable courses miss these imperative needs and deliver poor-quality course material. 

Understanding the dilemma faced by the students daily and on a large scale, Gurucan stepped in to eradicate the challenges. It is a single platform, which creates and sells online courses on mobile and websites. The easy software is promising for the students. 

The creators can create courses within a few days of signing up and commence work on delivering an unparalleled learning experience. They offer a range of courses that include fitness, cooking, lifestyle, marketing, and several other platforms vital in today’s time. A go-to platform for SMBs and solo entrepreneurs, Gurucan assists the creators and students to connect.

To enhance the experience for the students, the creators can customize their landing pages, courses, and checkout pages. They can also send push notifications, and emails to provide constant updates. These aspects are incorporated to increase student engagement while delivering high-end quality courses.

If you’d like to support Gurucan, then the Crowd Investing Campaign is the platform you are looking for!

What’s more, the creators can also launch their white label app for both Android and iOS. This remarkable feature allows the creators to grow rapidly and create brilliant and engaging content. 

The founders Julia Chernenko and Timur Chernenko conceived Gurucan, an EdTech SaaS startup to assist digital entrepreneurs launch knowledge-based businesses without dealing with headaches related to technology. 

Julia has 8+ years of experience in business strategy and project management with Timur finding 5 businesses and exiting 3. Working as a team they also imported honey to the UAE for a 6 months exhibition in Dubai.

Julia, the founder of Gurucan explains, “Mobile learning is the new normal and should be here by default. 55% of our creators’ students use the Gurucan app to access courses and mobile usage is growing!”

Gurucan gained fame in the “Top 15 Products launched in 2021” after a successful AppSumo campaign. The platform gained 1K creators and a large number of students. Currently, there are 150 paying users, $10K+ Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), and 1K LTD users on Gurucan.

It can be stated that Gurucan is transforming the way education is perceived by the students. By filling the gap between the students and the creators, the courses are available 24/7. Savvy apps and web pages increase students’ involvement, which directly results in the completion of courses on time. 

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