An Architect with a Disparate Sight, Majed Veysel

Perfection is a word while we use the way how a person can disclose the fantasy of art, explain art was never that easy until the Instagram profile of the indigenous Majed Veysel blew up, and got the victory and love by his architecture photography. Mehmet Majed is a modern era architect, designer, and photographer known massively for his black and white photography, originally from Aleppo, in Syria, and born on the 15th of January 1995. In the modern architectural industry, the name MajedVeysel is trendy and well-reckoned. The astonishing works of Majed’s art were rooted in years of diligence, consistency, and applied shrewdness.

Education and Profession

Majed was a student of American School which is in Aleppo, Syria and ended in 2012 and graduated in the area of architecture from BahçeşehirÜniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey. He admitted in 2013 and finished in 2017, also formed like an architect in the “Chamber of Architects of Turkey,” 2017, and in present time, toiling to complete his Master on Sustainable Design belong to Architecture in an Italian university named Politecnico Di Torino. He started in 2018, and the session will end by this year, 2020. The qualifications he gained made him an extra-ordinary and above average.

Presently, his Masters is ongoing. Before that, during his internship, he was an architect, he served the S.B.ARCH. Bargone Associati which is in Rome, and when he was an intern, he has also selected to serve the renowned ‘Acimert Mimarlik, AAC (shortly)’. AAC is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. To make himself more capable, Majed also served by being a site construction architect in Eroglu Holding. Furthermore, in 2017 he is recognized vastly for his work on Skyland Istanbul, the longest skyscraper in Turkey. He had taken part in sustainable structures, and he accomplished the urban foundation workshop which was affiliated with a university named University of Maryland in the United States.

Colourful Sight in Black and White

In one of his interviews, Majed said that by taking an active interest in architecture opened and broadened his vision.

Images by Majed are incredibly glorious that was captured in nations like Italy, France, and Turkey. Black and white pictures generally bear outstanding views. Majed Veysel is amazingly skilled with the perfection of photography. He formed himself as supreme for taking photos from different perspectives. Majed believes that colourless pictures are more expressive than the photo, which has no colour, and colourless picture can refer to the meaning of the image full of virtue and dignity. The Majed’s contributions have marked in various famed publications named Hustlers Digest, Thrive Global, and a group entire of eminent. He utilizes social and other sites as his strength, asset to show the best arts of architecture he surrounds. As his capturing abilities are superior to usual, his performance couldn’t go without being noticed; consequently, in a short of time, Majed as an artist obtained massive fans around the world.

The Conqueror

In May 2016, honourable authorities sounded Majed’s name as the first position holder for the prize the competition named ‘Brand Ambassador Prize’. He was designated for constructing his architectural design. The competition was held on Versace Headquarters BAU International Academy situated in Rome. In 2015, FGA Mimarlik threw a competition named ‘Lumion Certification Visualization Software Built for Architecture’, and he was the winner.

Majed is born as a genuine crafter of art and a wizard of architecture, design and photography. One of his belief is that maximum buildings and designs belong to the western sides of the world are motivated by European. Areas and renewal art, he never stands back to exhibit in his colourless pictures.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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