All You Need to Know About the Import Market in China

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So, you are a pork exporter looking forward to exporting meat to China (rules here). At the same time, you feel like you don’t master all the details about the famous export China policy, while the means of finding a China meat buyer can appear quite complicated. 

Well, the truth is that China comes with a strict food regulatory system, meant to offer the best security measures in terms of the quality of imported meat to China. Keep in mind that each year, several batches of meat, especially pork and beef, are destroyed because they fail to comply with the export China Policy. Thus, let’s see up next what you need to know about the pork import market in China, along with how to export meat to China market, with help from

What Do You Need to Comprehend About the Pre-Export Process in China?

The first thing you need to know about exporting meat to China is the fact that you will have to undergo a pre-export process and receive approval from the authorities responsible for importing meat to China. Overall, the exact specification about this process are clearly mentioned in the export China policy, and it goes as described down below:

  • Pork or pork-derived products meant for export to China must be obtained from animals raised in accordance with the ractopamine-free program, as showed by China regulations.
  • The pigs from which the exporting meat to China is obtained, mustn’t come from a farm linked to a disease eradication program, or mustn’t come from a farm that dealt with Brucella suis in the last six months before exporting meat to China.
  • Pigs slaughtered for export to China must not be slaughtered concomitantly with other animals that not meet the Chinese standards for import.
  • Pigs not meeting the Chinese regulations must be stored separately from the export meat for China. 
  • After the pre-cooling process is done, the temperature of the final edible pork by-product meant for China export must be kept below three degrees Celsius during storage and shipment.
  • The exporter for export meat to China market must undergo microbiological testing for all the edible pork meat and pork meat by-products prior to exporting meat to China.

Also, you should be aware that the import inspection process done by Chinese authorities could test the exported meat to China for the presence of pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, or any other veterinary drug residues that can alter the pork’s quality. The goal is to identify non-compliant pork products that do not meet the requirements of export China policy. As mentioned in the policy, all pork or pork by-products found positive with either one of the compounds discussed above, will be returned to the exporter, or simply destroyed. And, as a consequence, the exporter’s permission for exporting meat to China will be voided. 

How to Make Sure You are Compliant with the Regulations for Exporting Pork to China

To save you a lot of time and hassle, it is best to opt for the services of a Chinese business specialized in dealing with exporting meat to China’s requirements. We recommend you use with confidence Food2China, as they are professionally trained in terms of export China policy.

Food2China offers all the information you might need in regards to pork meat export to China to nay interested overseas meat suppliers of pork. Also, you can get additional details about pork consumption and what type of pork products are preferred in different areas in China. You can export meat to the China market in a secure way if you receive the best local guidance concerning shipping pork to Chinese territories. Food2China is the go-to provider for exporters that need insights on China meat buyers and export China policy. 



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