All You Need to Know About How Cosmetic Testing Labs Work

cosmetics testing lab

Raise your hands if you own a cosmetics brand! Well, imagine a user getting a rash from your product. Sounds like death, doesn’t it? One user getting a rash means the word traveling by mouth to a hundred other potential customers and your brand gaining a negative image.

It’s better to ensure the safety of your cosmetic products by utilizing the services of a reputable third-party cosmetic testing lab, instead of regretting the impact of your ‘un-safe’ products later. However, it’s of utmost importance that you choose the best cosmetic testing laboratory, whether it’s for skin care product testing or makeup testing.

So, let’s get right into the different aspects the cosmetic testing lab must excel in before you opt for it for your cosmetic products:

1. It Relies on Good Management

The significance of a highly skilled management team should never be taken for granted. The skillset of the management team should not only be limited to organizational expertise, but they should also possess the following qualities:

2. It is Technique-Oriented

3. It is Familiar with Enough Know-How to Train Their Technicians and Appropriately Monitor Them

Whether it’s about sampling, sample delivery, or testing, if well-organized management doesn’t efficiently coordinate everything, there’s a chance of misleading information because of samples getting mixed up.

4. It Keeps Track of the Recent Scientific Discoveries

One cannot disagree with the fact that all cosmetic products are chemical compounds, even the ones that are organic and naturally sourced. These products need to be thoroughly tested and backed by the personnel’s rigorous understanding of up to date scientific disciplines of endocrinology, microbiology, chemistry, etc. Users will apply cosmetics on their bare face, hands, feet, and on the bodies of their developing babies – they’ve got to be safe from every angle.

5. It Operates Strictly Against Animal Testing

It should be a top priority for you to make sure that the cosmetic testing lab you go for is strictly against animal testing. It should employ animal testing alternatives to test the safety of your cosmetic product. Makeup testing on animals and subjecting them to cruelty is inhumane and rigidly opposed by today’s users. Moreover, animals are quite different from humans anatomically, cellularly, and metabolically. They make for weak test subjects, and the products that pass the animal tests are not necessarily safe for humans – and you don’t want such ambiguity for your cosmetic products. 


The Landproof cosmetic testing lab has been an industry leader when it comes to cosmetic testing not only in China but also in other countries and regions worldwide. It’s state of the art laboratories, and technologically advanced equipment is focused on delivering quality, efficacy, and on-time delivery. The services offered by Landproof includes human efficacy test, human safety test, in-vitro efficacy test, in-vitro safety test, and sensory testing/evaluation. The lab also offers animal testing alternatives, has a constant humidity and temperature lab, sweat-proof test room, SPF and PA test room, hair test room, and skin test room where tests such as skin irritation tests are carried out. In addition to this, Landproof is competent enough to have the following certifications:

In a nutshell, Landproof is a reliable and technologically advanced cosmetic testing lab from where none of the clients return home disappointed.

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