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10 months ago, I decided I would help investors find great stocks and build an efficient, well-diversified investment portfolio. I worked for 10+ years as an institutional trader, treasurer, and financial lecturer. During my professional career, I saw how people struggle to find great stocks and minimize portfolio loss

Unfortunately, these steps require investors to have the financial knowledge and a deep understanding of different models. Not all investors possess the needed knowledge to undertake asset allocation or use difficult financial ratios to compare and choose great stocks. That is why I decided to automate the stock selection and portfolio construction process and build a Diversset. 

It is a web-based application that finds great stocks tailored to the investors’ risk appetite and builds an efficient portfolio (minimizing the portfolio’s volatility). Diversset also has a Strategy section where investors can get valuable monthly investment strategies for the US stock market. I also have iOS applications for stock investors.    Those applications help investors define a great time to buy stocks, calculate stock fair value, extract interesting investment ideas and provide stock trade recommendations.

It took me 10 long months to build a web-based application and over a year to build two additional iOS applications for equity investors! Now the investor has everything he needs to invest in stocks, starting from stock investing educational materials (stock market-related videos and articles) and ending with automated solutions that save investors time and provide valuable solutions in seconds. You can find all the solutions by visiting the Diversset webpage 

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