All About the All on Four Teeth Implant

All on Four Teeth Implant

Who does not like sparkling teeth? When your smile sparkles, it attracts a lot of people. Not only that, people love to have some incredibly nice teeth. It is a part of your personality and showcases you.

Teeth decaying and losing teeth is a common problem in all humans. It is an even bigger issue for the people of elder ages. However, with the help of the technology that the teeth implantation system has gotten a lot better and simple. In the past, you had to use denture implantation technology to induce artificial teeth. It used to take a lot of time to recover, and money was another factor. The best teeth implantation procedure costs a lot of money. Moreover, it required a lot of surgeries.

However, people are now using the all on four teeth implantation procedure. Here is what you may be looking for.

Cost of the All on Four Teeth Implantation Procedure

All on four is cost effective alternative to replacing each tooth. Earlier, people were not able to afford teeth implantation easily. It required a lot of money. Not only that, it was a difficult process to go through. The recovery process was more than 6 to 8 months. And the pain and issues regarding the teeth implants were also never-ending. However, with the technology of all on four teeth implantation, the teeth implantation process has gotten a lot easier and better for the people with teeth issues. People no longer have to worry about the immense amount of pain that they have to go through while getting teeth implantation.

The Recovery Period After All on Forth Implantation

The recovery period of this teeth implantation is a lot less than the traditional teeth implantation. You no longer have to wait for six to eight months to be able to eat again with your teeth. So, it just takes a few days to get back to normal with this implantation process. We already know about the cost-effectiveness of this process. However, this process is a lot easier and takes lesser time to recover.

Some Issues That You May Face After all on Four Teeth Implantation


Bleeding happens when the implantation is not healed properly. For the healing process, you need to wait a bit. Moreover, for the time being, you can ice the outer area of the mouth. Moreover, you can chew it back to stop the bleeding in your mouth. However, you can use the help of the doctor if the bleeding continues. Do not wait until you have an infection. Getting a doctor’s advice is the best way to recover and heal.


You will have some swelling in your gums. This is a common issue that most people go through after the implantation. This is another outcome of unhealed implantation. You need to give it some time. Also, you need to use some appointments to reduce the healing in your gums.

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