Advanced Tools You Can Use to Control Pests in Your Residence

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Believe it or not but pesky pests can indeed make your life hell. If you fail to notice the early signs of an infestation of notorious insects and pests at your home, it won’t be easy to get rid of these minuscule creatures.

Typical disease-spreading pests that mostly harbor in residential properties are a serious threat to residents’ health and well-being. In addition, maintaining a high level of hygiene in your home becomes something impossible to attain when notorious residential pests completely take over.

Get in touch with the Austin pest control company to eliminate the entire population of trouble-causing creatures from your house. Instead of following the age-old methods, this reputed pest extermination service provider employs the latest technologies and tools.

Let’s check out those tools that can help you keep pests away from your home.

Mole Repelling Device

If you are unable to notice initial signs of mole infestation in your house, know that you may have to experience tough times. These annoying creatures can wreak havoc in your residence. Apart from gardens and lawns, moles are notorious for damaging the foundation of buildings.

The best thing you can do is use a mole repeller to prevent them from entering your property. This tech-equipped device deters these critters by producing an ultrasonic alarm-like sound. In addition, this tool brilliantly detects the motion whenever moles cross the ray of light that emits from it.

Tech-equipped Insect Trap

Instead of using lotions or sprays, harmful to your health and the environment, it is prudent to use dynatrap to exterminate mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. You can carry this advanced tool anywhere you want to protect yourself and your dear ones against these disease-transmitting creatures.

Aside from being eco-friendly, this specific tool is free of chemicals and pesticides and is affordable. It can simulate the presence of a human using carbon dioxide and ultraviolet light. It does so to attract insects and bugs that bite. The noiseless fan vacuums these creatures into a cage, and they perish.

Deterrent Lights

Initially, the purpose for designing these lights was to deter nocturnal animals that often enter vineyards, orchards, livestock areas, residential or commercial premises. Nowadays, pest control companies and many people use deterrent lights because these are equally effective in keeping different species of pests away. Most of these lights are solar-powered and easy to mount.

ULV Fogger

One of the effective tools for controlling the population of pests in different premises – schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, etc., besides residential and commercial properties – is a ULV fogger. This device makes use of the techniques pertinent to cold fogging. Built-in motors produce nearly invisible fog and low-pressure air steam.

The solution because of which the fog gets created remains in the tank. Someone needs to pump it into a nozzle, which makes the motion of the airflow swirl. One can use it both indoors and outdoors. However, in comparison to thermal foggers, a ULV fogger is costlier.

You can invest in one of these pest control tools equipped with the latest technology. However, it is more sensible to hire a pest control company to conduct scheduled inspections of your property. Do so to exterminate and control pesky pests in your residence.

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