Adjustable Bed Reviews [2019 UPDATED]: Reviews & Buyers Guide On the Best Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed Reviews

Before buying my own adjustable bed I looked online for the most relevant reviews on which brands are the best. Doing the appropriate research on any kind of product before buying is the best strategy to get the most for your money. Another great reason to consult reviews is to find out about new brands or products that you would’ve never known about. Adjustable bed reviews are very beneficial to any buyer since you can get a head start on what to avoid and what the latest products are. Keep in mind there are also certain “Red Flags” you should be aware of, aka the “too good to be true” prices, according to LovetoKnow.

What You Need To Know First

I would like to first point out the red flags from various adjustable bed reviews all buyers should be aware of before shopping online or shopping retails stores for an adjustable bed. If a company is trying to sell you the mattress and is sneaky about the price of the adjustable frame or sells it separately… its best to simply avoid. Why you ask? Well because companies will try to advertise the lowest price they can then latch on extra prices. There are various adjustable bed frame providers who offer the mattress to go along with it. It’s very important to match the exact memory foam mattress with its adjustable bed frame for many reasons. Unless the adjustable bed frame says it can accommodate any and all mattress types, then why put yourself through the headache? For example, does a sofa company sell a couch without its cushions? Nope. Then why should a mattress and bed frame provider choose to sell the mattress separately while offering no price breaks on buying both the mattress and bed frame? The last thing you need is a company claiming you voided your warranty because you didn’t use all of their products on the bed frame.

After Researching Various Adjustable Bed Reviews Online

During my product research I have also matched the prices of certain adjustable bed memory foam mattress providers along with the more luxurious brands. It was obvious that many will try to sell an average adjustable bed frame with their hyped up memory foam mattresses for the same prices as the luxury adjustable bed frames. Unless it happens to be made of pure 100% organic material with zero chemicals, has multiple built in functions for massage therapy, has programmable features, or any other additional features besides your typical adjustable bed and mattress… chances are your are paying too much! It surprises me that people are willing to pay more for less. This is why doing online research is crucial towards buying any memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed frame.

Other scenarios while reading up on reviews was hearing about retails stores selling adjustable bed frames along with low grade memory foam mattresses. Don’t be swayed into thinking your getting a great deal, when in reality you’re buying a disposable product. Most of the warranties will become void exactly when the adjustable bed begins giving issues. One angle to look at is buying a car. Do you go to a retail store to buy a car? Probably not, so why shop for a mattress at the same store you buy groceries at? Most retail stores will push it as an impulse buy by offering the low price. There is an old saying “you get what you pay for”. This saying has handled the test of time for a reason. Keep note that there are actual good adjustable bed memory foam mattresses out there, but you have to find them online by reading up on adjustable bed reviews.

My Favorite Choice After Countless Adjustable Bed Reviews

There was one online company called HealingBed who offered different types of adjustable beds that already include the memory foam mattress. Their Healing 5 adjustable bed was sold for around $2000 which was their more affordable adjustable bed that comes with a 8” memory foam mattress designed to feel like sheep wool, and an adjustable bed frame. The next option up was the Healing 6 adjustable bed which offers the same features as the Healing 5 but along with a 10” memory foam mattress, wall-hugger engineering, zero gravity sleeping – NASA’s (NIAC), luxury lounge system, wave & pulse massage, Simple Touch remote , auto-flatten function, and a remote memory function. There are other models available such as the Healing 7 adjustable bed and the Healing 8 adjustable bed that offered extra functionalities such as extra lumbar support, neck support, and various accessory options such as Bluetooth.

As for myself, I was on the phone with their live phone reps trying to see which was the best for within my budget. For roughly an extra $200 I felt the Healing 6 Adjustable Bed was my overall smart purchase because it included a lot of the main features, such as the wave pulse massage, programmable remote control, and the NASA Zero gravity. The other ones were definitely something I wanted, if not needed badly, but for my current blue collar budget this was perfect. The sales guys on the phone were slightly stern but very knowledgeable about their product. They offered a great credit program and I was sold! Now I shall get into details about my shipping experience…

When Did It Actually Arrive???

The guys who delivered it were very nice but seemed to just want to hot potato the delivery. I remembered the rep on the phone saying I might need help getting it moved in, so I thought hey why not just tip them? Sure enough the guys said they appreciated the tip and moved in my Healing 6 Adjustable Bed in with ease! For someone my age I knew it made more sense to let these younger guys handle the hard work since my body still needed healing, hence the adjustable bed! I had my brother come over and help me setup the bed and wow I was amazed. This bed was beyond comfortable and I could feel the healing within the first week. This whole time I was thinking about keeping my old mattress as if it were a good thing, when in reality it was the root of all my back pain. The NASA feature along with the pulse massage and posture perfect support really helped me with my back issues. Dealing with lumbar issues has been a big struggle for me ever since I was working a shipping and receiving job in my younger years. Even though the job was way back when, I can still feel the damage it made towards my lumbar area. I’ve never been a fan of surgery, however this bed really helped me get a solid night’s rest! I would also like to add that it’s perfect for those who enjoy having a cup of coffee while reading books in bed. Same with watchin. TV since I’m always having CNN running 24 hours a day, I mean who can’t for what’s been going on these days! Thanks for reading my adjustable bed reviews and make sure to get the most for your money.

For advice on choosing an adjustable bed, check out this link.

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