Address Verification Company: Top 4 Most Common Services Rendered

Address validation or verification is a critical component of customer onboarding. Without the verification process, businesses can’t verify that the customer who purchased a product/service is actually where they say they are. But, maintaining an in-house system is sometimes an expensive ordeal for most firms. This is why many companies choose to outsource it to an Address Verification Company (AVC).

So, business address validation is a process that helps businesses determine whether an address is valid or not. It helps them avoid delivery-related complications by delivering mail/goods to the right location. 

Hiring address verification companies will help businesses get the necessary tools and professional expertise in authenticating customer locations. Read about the most expected address-checking solutions offered by professional AVCs. 

USPS Validation

USPS validation is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS address authentication process checks for specific attributes, such as whether a street name exists in the applicable geographic area, whether the ZIP code exists in that area or whether it is currently valid.

This process is also known as mail sorting. When you submit your package to USPS, they will verify that it has accurate and valid addresses before they send it on its way. It will help the company be sure of the accuracy and existence of an address. 

Real-time Authentication

Real-time address validation can be used for fraud prevention, credit risk assessment, and other purposes. Fraudsters often try to use a fake address or PO Box to open an account and commit fraud. Real-time verification requires the complete address and does not allow partial or PO Boxes. With this information, your company can also determine if the mail is delivered to the correct location.

In addition, it provides an excellent way for companies like banks or credit card companies to monitor their customers’ activity and confirm they are who they say they are. Therefore, it also reduces costs by avoiding fraudulent transactions.

Batch Verification

As the name suggests, batch verification is a process of verifying mailing lists and contact information in bulk. Most AVCs offer this service, and it’s used to verify mailing lists and contact information for various purposes. 

Batch verification can be performed with or without an address database. If your company has its database, it can be used to verify against the other list that needs to be verified.

However, companies that do not have their database need to hire a third-party service provider. They will provide a list of addresses that can be checked against the company’s database.

CASS Certification

It is an independent, third-party certification process that ensures that address data is accurate, complete, and consistent. This certification is a requirement for many businesses that use address data for mail delivery.

CASS Certification requires a company to submit its entire database of addresses for testing by an outside auditor. This can be done through one of two methods – by completing an annual audit or random sampling during the year. 

Once an organization has passed the required audits, they are issued CASS Certification by the USPS.

Final Words

There are numerous reasons for companies to use address verification services. Verifying the receiver’s address will save the company time and money and increase conversion rates. After all, a trustworthy company is the one that gets the most sales.

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