Actress Inbal Amirav on Working With Shemar Moore, “He has excellent work ethic, and it’s really inspiring.”

Pêpê Rapazote and Inbal Amirav Sign With Shushu Entertainment

In her interview with Thrive Global, actress Inbal Amirav talked about her experience working on SWAT (CBS). She said “It was great to work alongside Shemar Moore on SWAT. Shemar loved to goof about, which kept morale and spirits up between shoots. But, when the cameras were rolling, he transformed into being focused and serious and he took the part very seriously. I love his overall work ethic and it is something that really inspires me. I found everyone who worked on set to be extremely professional. At the end of filming, it was nice of the producers to send me a nice card thanking me for working with them. That was a nice touch. I don’t think they realize that it should be me thanking them for allowing me to play such a character!”

Shemar Moore on set of SWAT (CBS) Photo Credit: Jonathan Davino

On the show, the character of Dania Ganz was played by Amirav. The character of Dania was a member of a hardened posse of female thieves who were conducting heists across California.

The actress’s credits also include Amazon’s Transparent and CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigations (see

She was able to get a Webby Award for her role in ‘It Rarely Stops’, which has had some truly excellent comments. The Webby Awards are known to be the “Internet Oscars” and are rising in popularity. She went to the awards with the likes of David Harbour and Adam Sandler.

In the interview, Inbal was asked to elaborate on her five-word Webby acceptance speech. She said, “I truly believe that our lives are lived as a result of many different decisions, and reflects on the series of choices that we have made at different stages of our lives. My advice is that before you make a big decision, try and ask why you are making that decision – is it due to fear, or is it because of courage? I think making decisions based on courage is best because life unfolds because of the courage of the choices each of us makes”.

Amirav also admitted she had Post Traumatic Stress after serving in the IDF, which is mandatory in her homeland, Israel.
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