Accessories That Men Actually Want In The Wardrobe

Fashion does not always mean women’s fashion. It is also be defined as styles donned by men. The classics, the punk rocks, the elegant, and the casual. All of these styles are not only a part of women’s fashion but also men’s.

Certain things should be a part of a man’s wardrobe. Certain essentials without which, everyday life or even some spontaneous moments would be difficult. These items might include, a good tie, a watch, a Cuban chain link, the right dress pants, and so much more. Keep reading to find out exactly what accessories are essential for men in their wardrobes, and why.

Top 10 Accessories For Men To Have Their Wardrobe

  1. Watch

First on the list is a watch. A watch is that one accessory that is necessary for men to have in their wardrobe. Moreover, no, this accessory is never cheap; it is a one-time investment with a good brand. Even a good watch can take you a long way.

Buy something classic that can work with every style of clothing and every occasion that might come up. You could say that a watch is the equivalent of good earrings for men. Although make sure, that the watch you choose looks well on you, otherwise your whole outfit end-look will crash and burn.

  1. Cuban Chain Links

A Cuban chain link is one of the most iconic accessories for men. You could say that much like a watch, the Cuban chain links also never quite go out of style. Somehow,they’ve straddled the barrier between hip-hop and high fashion, by creating their own sub-culture of iconic timeless wardrobe staples.

You’ll find that this particular accessory if worn correctly can go with any outfit, on any occasion. Its interlocking pattern, durability, and expert workmanship make it a great item to always have in your wardrobe. 

  1. Tie

There is one accessory that you’re probably wondering why hasn’t been mentioned yet, and that is the tie. A tie has many different types, and as long as you have at least one type in every possible style for every occasion, you’re good to go.

A tie is necessary for a wardrobe it shows personality.While buying ties make sure to choose classic colors for work, something fun for casual Fridays, and a little something extra for occasional events or weddings. A tie pulls together an outfit on a man, better than any other accessory out there. 

  1. Wallet

A wallet, you could say is one of those essential accessories that might not have any outside value, but they do make the mark of a man. A wallet hosts a man’s identification, money, cards, and more. The quality of a wallet showcases a mans’ personality as much as his tie does. 

Your wallet should always be something that you can easily fit inside your coat, jeans, breast of a jacket, or your dress pants. It should also have enough capacity to carry the necessities you might need at all times. 

  1. Rings

Rings are a fashion statement, in both a women’s and a man’s worlds. It could also be a statement of love, money, power, family, and friendship. It all depends on the kind of ring you’re wearing. In simplicity, rings ensure that your hands don’t look too empty. They give a sort of gracefulness and power to a man’s hand, that might otherwise be absent. 

Choosing the right ring is important. You have to make sure that the ring in your wardrobe matches your personality. It could be a simple silver or gold band, or it could have a stone in it. The choice is yours as long as you ensure it’s something that suits you.

  1. Belts

No matter what age you are, a belt is always one of the first accessories in your wardrobe as a man. It does 2 things for you. One, it ensures that your pants don’t slip off of your waist, and two, its’ a fashion statement. 

The brand of belt you choose shows not just your sense of style but also shows how willing you are to spend on yourself. Faux leather or actual leather makes all the difference in a quality belt. If nothing, every man always ensures that he has at least one branded belt in his wardrobe. 

  1. Cufflinks 

Every man has at least one suit in his wardrobe, and if you have a suit, then you should definitely have cufflinks. Cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are always classy and understated. Something that lifts the suit and brightens up your overall ensemble, making you look debonair.

Your cufflinks could be gold, silver, diamond, or zircon. It’s up to you, as long as its’ something you can wear with your suits. Essentially you only need one pair of cufflinks at least, to go with every suit you have. 

  1. Pocket Squares

Last but certainly not least, an accessory that is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe is a pocket square. You need it for your suits, it gives them that extra flair that you didn’t even know they needed. It adds color to an otherwise classic suit, and it also shows a sense of style by the type of fold it is in.

You can choose to have pocket squares that either contrast or compliment the suits you wear, whatever you choose, you’ll find that the end look is quite harmonious. Another tip is to try and buy pocket squares made of silk. It gives the suit and overall looks an extra edge.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 8 items that men actually want and need for their wardrobes. Each item is extremely necessary and has its value to the wardrobe. They are in truth both everyday use items, as well as special occasion items depending on how they are worn. After all men’s fashion is equally as important as women’s fashion.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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