AC Repair Tips – What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

We anticipate our air conditioner will keep our homes cool during the hot summer days of the year, so when the unit breaks down, it oftentimes catches us by surprise. Considering this appliance is not one that frequently breaks down, most people have no idea how to respond when the A/C stops working. Without the right information available, an A/C breakdown is sure to cause more frustration and worry than usual. Don’t allow this mishap to occur and makes sure you know the correct way to respond to an A/C breakdown. Here are some reasons why the AC may not be working ( If you have a problem, we recommend that you…

Don’t Panic

If you panic in response to an A/C malfunction, don’t expect a fast or efficient repair. You’ll spend a good portion of your time sweltering in the heat as you worry and needlessly wonder. Concentrating is not easy if you’re in a panic, and don’t expect to make the best decisions if you panic. When you panic, it’s difficult to think or concentrate, so you won’t make the best decisions. Remain calm and take the proper steps necessary to ensure your A/C unit isn’t out of commission longer than necessary.

Keep the Home Cool

A primary responsibility of a homeowner once an A/C unit goes out involved cooling the home. It takes very little time for the interior of a home to heat up when there isn’t any air circulating through it. Take proper steps to keep the home as cool as possible until the problem is resolved. One way to keep the home cool is by running a box fan in each room, although it won’t provide nearly as comfortable coolness as the A/C unit. Open the windows to let air come inside and close the blinds to prevent the sun’s heat from heating up the house.

Check the Thermostat

Many air conditioner issues result from the thermostat. It’s needless to say that you should look for problems with the thermostat if the unit stops working before moving on to other, more complex areas and issues. Dead batteries in the remote and other minor inconveniences oftentimes cause the trouble with an A/C unit. Most thermostat issues are simple fixes that don’t require an expert to resolve.

Investigate the A/C Unit

If the thermostat isn’t the cause of trouble, it’s time to move on to the unit itself. Inspect the A/C unit, looking for signs of damage such as frayed wires or cords, leaks, or other issues that may stand in the way of the unit operating efficiently. More often than not, the cause of the air conditioning trouble will quickly reveal itself during this inspection. If you notice problems with the unit, let the experts know when you call them out to make a repair. It saves everyone time and hassle when the experts know where to start to identify the cause of the trouble.

Call an A/C Repair Professional

Unless you’ve attended training for A/C repair, DIY repair is usually not a good idea. A/C repair professionals have the skills, expertise, and the tools and equipment necessary to repair a malfunctioning unit, whether it’s a minor or major mishap. A/C repairman diagnose the trouble before they begin a thorough repair that reinstates the A/C unit to like-new condition. Compare A/C companies before hiring anyone. Look for someone with a license and insurance, a good reputation in the community, fair pricing, and guarantees with their service. Most A/C repair companies offer free estimates upon request. Use estimates, from companies such as, to get the best rates from the various professional AC repair companies.

Air Conditioning Breakdown is Easier When You Know How to Respond

The typical A/C unit offers its owner about a dozen years’ of cooling power, but that isn’t to say mishaps won’t occur along the way. Respond quickly to any A/C problems, and not only do you regain the cool, comfortable temperatures your home needs, you also enjoy the long-lasting longevity that your unit should bring. Use the information above to reduce stress and worry when an A/C mishap occurs.

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