A Sit Down Interview with Domain Name Investor and SEO Specialist Kevin Macpherson

In our series of interviews with leading online experts, we thought we would have a chat with Kevin Macpherson. He has been one of the main stays in the domain name and SEO industries, and he has kindly offered his time to answer a few questions.

The Basics…A Little Bit About Kevin

Where in The World Are You?

KM – I’m originally from a small town called Broughty Ferry, on the outskirts of Dundee, Scotland. Now, I am living in the capital Edinburgh with my lovely girlfriend Hannah and her many house plants!

Growing Up…

KM – I was always a geeky, awkward kid. I was very much a “swot” at school and was known for being clever. In fact, I seem to remember in my year book, I was thought to be the most likely person to win the Nobel Prize…

Did You Go to University?

KM – Yes, in fact I have two degrees. One in Biomedical Science, and a first class degree in Business. I enjoyed both, but time and time again I found myself working on other things apart from my studies. If I am being honest, I didn’t find my Business degree challenging. It didn’t encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and basically “cattle herded” the students into working in a 9-5 job. This is something I found strange and I don’t think anyone I went to university went on to work for themselves.

Your Work

How Did You Get Into the Industry?

KM – Well, in my final year at school, I was tasked with setting up the school’s website. I needed to register a domain name, and I came across Namepros. I realised domain names were being sold for a lot of money, and as a 17 year old, I wanted to find out more! So, I registered some crappy domains like everyone does, learned the ropes and gradually built up my experience.

What Has Been Your Best Ever Return on Investment?

KM – I remember I managed to buy a 3 letter .com for $500 back in 2016 after reaching out to an owner on LinkedIn, and I sold it the next day for $17,000. I suppose that counts as a pretty good ROI! Also, the “Chinese Boom” of 2015-2017 was a fantastic time to be in the industry and I made a lot of good deals where I was doubling or tripling my money overnight.

What is the Biggest Domain Name Sale you have Made?

KM – The best sales are always completed with non-disclosure agreements. But, I managed to sell a domain name for 500,000 euros to a big multi-national. This was a deal which lasted nearly a year after they submitted an initial offer of 100,000 euros. Patience and a little bit of luck resulted in a bumper sale.

Do You Have “Fingers in Many Pies”?

KM – Well, you could say that! I have placed a lot of emphasis on SEO in the last 2 years, as well as developing many websites, which has been time well-worth spending. It is something I enjoy doing when there are baron spells in the domain name industry. There have been client websites I’ve transformed from small 2,000 session per month websites to huge 500,000 sessions per month giants. Good word travels, and I have many monthly clients who rely on my services for guest posting and sourcing high quality expired domain names. I’ve not spent a penny on advertising, and I wake up to many different enquiries, which keeps my work varied and interesting. This never used to be the case, as I used to be the one chasing work back when I first started. It’s a good feeling when people actively want to work with you!

The Future?

KM – Who knows! The domain name and SEO industry has been very good to me, but one day, I’d like to try something else. I hate being in a comfort zone, which can annoy my partner. I very much strive for the quite life. Kids, dogs and watching Dundee United will do me!



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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