A Parenting App That Helps Inculcate Emotional Intelligence in Children

Every parent going through the process of raising their children is well aware of the fact that parenting is not a walk in the park. Parenting comes with a lot of challenges, especially for first-time parents who are trying to give their level best to adjust to their new roles, says VeryWellFamily. While there are many apps to help make parenting easier, there are no dedicated platforms that focus on inculcating emotional intelligence in children. Moreover, parenting is a very sensitive role, and parents across the globe are seeking a reliable platform that can help them make better and more well-informed decisions. 

Fortunately, the all-new super parenting platform Sesh delivers lasting solutions that address the modern-day issues of raising a child. Addressing core issues that help shape the right behavior in a child is critical but often overlooked. Sesh helps them to carefully analyze and solve these issues one step at a time. What’s more- Sesh enables parents to connect with their children through fun activities and build a loving relationship with them, irrespective of the tantrums they are likely to experience. 

Sesh’s patented multi-modal AI technology – developed through intensive research with hundreds of families – gives parents the tools to communicate with their children in a way that works. Early research indicated that using the app in the family setting reduced the number, length and severity of their children’s tantrums in all families in the trial, in as little as a week.

With technology and data insights at the forefront, the platform empowers parents to resolve behavioral challenges, teach emotional intelligence, and navigate tough decisions with a co-parent or caregiver. Families in the alpha group reported significant improvements in their ability to resolve problems together without conflict. 100% of  families showed a minimum of 30% reduction in tantrums, including at least one prized zero-tantrum day each, within the first week. 

Sesh Beta, provides science-backed, rapidly-effective techniques specifically around tantrums. Parents will be able to ask any tantrum-related question and immediately receive new understanding and practical techniques to try. Future release wil help address more parenting challenges for children of all ages.

Addressing core issues that help shape behavior in a child is critical but often overlooked. Sesh helps parents carefully analyze and solve these issues using the latest educational neuroscience and child psychology research.

Sesh is a neuroscience-based people development company founded by David Dorfman, cauri jaye and Kevin Woolery. Sesh imparts practices and creates technologies that aid communication and increase performance across industries. Sesh was selected by ASU GSV Summit to be in the Elite 200, a group of the world’s most innovative early-stage #EdTech startups.

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