A Complete Guide To Car Insurance In The Netherlands

man driving a car

Just got a new car and want to drive safely? Well, you should always cover all areas to make sure you don’t face problems when it comes to your car. It is an investment that needs to be protected and properly insured.

There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Firstly, to get car insurance in the Netherlands you need to make sure you have the following things:

  • Dutch licence plate
  • European driving licence
  • Dutch residency

These are two things you must have while applying for car insurance and the law also states that you should have a 3rd party car insurance in the Netherlands.

This insurance covers the damage caused by your car to other people and their property as well. Here are the types of car insurance you can get in the Netherlands.

Third-Party Liability Plus Comprehensive Cover (All Risk Coverage)

This type of insurance covers around all the damage that can be done to your car and it also covers the damage your car may do to other cars. Usually, people get this type of insurance when they have a new car to make sure all aspects are covered.

It is also suitable insurance for people who don’t have enough money to replace a car in case of damage or do extensive repairs. However, if you still feel this doesn’t cover enough damage then you can also opt for additional protection.

Third-Party Liability (WA Coverage)

This is the minimum level of car insurance in the Netherlands you are required to have. If you want to stay on the right side of the law and don’t want to get all-risk coverage then you need to have WA coverage.

This makes sure that any damage done by your vehicle to other vehicles, person(s), and the property is taken care of. Basically, even if you are the culprit of an accident this insurance will still provide you coverage.

It is the best option for people who don’t drive much or drive a car that is relatively old and cheap. This way if anything happens you won’t have to spend much on your damages as insurance will cover it.

Extended Liability Insurance (WA-Plus)

This covers the damage to your car in case of theft, arson, vandalism, damage caused by storms and natural disasters, and in case of an accident with animals.

These are the three main types of car insurance in the Netherlands. However, there are a few others too that you can opt for:

  • Legal Aid Insurance: Covers legal costs that come with a car accident
  • No Claim Protection: This insures you against the boost in premiums after a claim
  • Personal Accident Insurance: In case of death or disability by accident, this insurance will cover medical costs
  • Damage insurance for occupants: Covers damage caused to you and the passenger including injury and damage to luggage because of an accident

Final Words

You can choose car insurance in the Netherlands that suits you the most. However, third party liability is mandatory so don’t forget to get that while you are at it!

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