A Closer Look at the Main Benefits of Breast Augmentation

augmentation of breasts

If you feel your breasts are too small, asymmetrical or not the best shape, breast augmentation might be right for you. There are so many reasons why women pursue augmentation. It might be genetics, ageing or a life event such as pregnancy. If you’ve been considering this procedure for some time but can’t make up your mind, this blog can help.

Breast augmentation offers both physical and mental health benefits, which will be outlined below.

Six Reasons to Bother with Breast Augmentation

1. Rebuild Your Confidence

Your breasts enhance your femininity. When you’re not happy with how they look, this can affect your self-confidence. Unfortunately, many women are also made to feel insecure about their breasts due to societal pressures. Larger, more even breasts can enhance your silhouette in all the right ways. This means breast augmentation can boost your self-confidence, provided you do it for yourself.

2. Purchase the Clothes You Really Want

If you’ve ever had to leave a top or dress behind because of the size of your breasts, this is about to change. Women’s clothing usually fits someone with an average chest size. However, if your breasts are too small or uneven, your options are a bit more limited. Breast augmentation can provide you with a subtle change that will allow you to finally buy the type of clothing you love.

3. Augmented Breasts Look Natural

Many women are worried that people will be able to tell they have implants. Thanks to advanced surgical techniques and modern implants, this is not the case. According to information placed on DrMagnusson.com.au, augmented breasts can look just as natural as normal breasts. However, if you’re going to significantly increase your size, it might be noticeable to those who know you best. The stranger walking past you won’t be able to tell the difference though.

4. Enjoy Greater Symmetry

Even natural breasts are hardly ever symmetrical. However, if your breasts are significantly uneven, augmentation can create more symmetry. Augmentation isn’t just for enlarging the size of the breasts, inserting implants, sometimes of different sizes, can achieve a more symmetrical result.

5. Risks are Minimal

With the help of the right surgeon, the risks associated with breast augmentation are minimal. The type of implants and the surgical techniques that are used are very different. Unfortunately, some complications can’t be predicted. However, problems such as capsular contracture can be treated.

6. Recover a Youthful Appearance

Unfortunately, everyone will be affected by age and your breasts are not immune either. It’s common for breasts to shrink and sag as you get older. Fortunately, augmentation can turn this around. By restoring size and firmness, you can achieve a more youthful appearance again.

Overall, breast augmentation has a high patient satisfaction rate, provided you choose the right surgeon.

A Smoother Recovery for Better Results

When you take the right steps during your recovery, you increase the success rate of your breast augmentation. Most women can return to work within a week but it’s what you do during this week that matters.

Have Help on Hand

Breast augmentation is a major procedure, so it’s helpful to have some assistance for a few days. You will feel tired and sore after your surgery. During the first 6 weeks, you will need to take it very easy. You won’t be able to drive or lift your children for at least a week, which is why help is recommended.

Care For Your Wounds

Wound management is essential during your recovery. By correctly caring for the incision sites, you reduce the risk of infection. Infection is a complication that can and should be avoided. Your surgeon will explain to you how to keep your wounds clean.

Manage Your Pain

Mild to moderate discomfort can be expected after your augmentation surgery. Using the prescribed pain medication will make your recovery more pleasant. When you feel more comfortable, you get more rest. The more rest you get, the quicker your body can heal. Sleep and rest are essential during your recovery.

Wear Your Compression Garment

A compression garment needs to be worn for good reasons. Not only does it reduce swelling but it accelerates your recovery, which is exactly what you want. Your compression garment will need to be worn for at least 6 weeks.

Give Your Body the Right Fuel

It might not seem significant but what you eat can also impact your recovery. Along with eating as clean as possible, it’s also important to stay hydrated. When your body has the right fuel, recovery gets a little bit easier.

Your reasons for undergoing breast augmentation are your own. There’s never a reason to undertake surgery for anyone but yourself.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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