8 Ways to Know Shot Blasting Machine

What Is a Shot Blasting Machine?

A blasting machine or shot blast machine is an abrasive blasting equipment. It is commonly used to descale or clean burrs, scales, rusts, flash, and stains on metal surface in various steel making processes. After blast cleaning, impurities and flaws are removed. Further surface preparation and protection can be performed such as welding, coloring, oxidation, painting, hot dip galvanizing and priming …

It is more commonly known as Automatic Sand Blasting machine in South Asia and Wheel Blasting Machine in North American.

Shot blast machine are widely applied in metal processing industry, steel works fabrication industry, casting foundries, ship building …

  1. Many steel profiles like rolled plates and beams are from hot working processes. Oxide layer or scale is left on surface at high temperatures.
  2. Residual foundry sands adhere on castings. Inside, scales cover casting parts.
  3. Oxide(s) or salts are produced due to steels exposed to environment. Corrosion occurs on exposed surfaces in a distinctive orange coloration.

Shot blasting machine is involved to remove above impurities. Metal workpieces go into closed chamber or enclosure. In this chamber, metallic abrasives (steel shots, steel grits, cut wire) are accelerated to high speed and thrown forcibly on metal surface. Impurities are removed and well treated surface achieved.

Shot Blasting machine would be better for industrial and mass finishing process. Shot blasting equipment are relatively easy to operate and have higher efficiency.

It is completely airless and dustless blaster. Sand blasting machine is more desirable for manual blast cleaning. It is pneumatic blaster hazardous to operator lung health.

Shot blasting is a more direct replacement for acid pickling for metal surface cleaning.

Shot blasting machine is configured as mechanical treatment. Compared with pickling, it is considered environmentally friendly system.

Proper selection of the right grade of material for the specific environment is important for the long-lasting performance of this group of materials.

Shot blasting machines by Mesblate are dedicated to Metal Surface Blasting Technology Field.

Working Principle Of Shot Blasting Machine

Steel shots are filled into wheels in the device. The power used to drive the wheels are provided from the motors. These shots are able to reach an incredible 2950 rotations per minute. Shots are launched from the device to create an extremely speedy abrasive stream (around seventy meters per second).

Advantages Of Shot Blasting Machine

1.Shot Blasting is kind to your budget, as well as time preserving means to prepare your metal. It is possible for the abrasives used to be recycled 1000 times.
2. With shot blasting, you will notice that the metal and the substratum are cleaned very well.

3.Shot blasting is also beneficial to the environmen. Metal abrasive replaces sand.

Designing Of Shot Blasting Machine

Workpieces shapes, productivity efficiency and surface cleaning finish level are 3 main factors to consider before design and custom shot blasting machines.

Workpieces shapes vary from small parts to huge jobs.
Hanger shot blasting machines are mostly used for small work pieces. Roller conveyor type shot blast machines are used for huge jobs.
Some workpieces have simple structure and some have very complicated structure. Complicated structure need spinner hanger type blasting machine and rotary table shot blasting machines to cover all sides. Increased quantity of blast wheels to meet complicated and huge workpieces.

There are 2 ways to promote blast cleaning efficiency. More blasting wheel turbines allow more blasting space at same time. Higher power for each turbine will increase abrasive volume at certain time and wheel quantity. Special tooling is used at hanger shot blasting equipment and roller conveyor blaster to put more workpieces into blasting chamber at one time.

SA2.5 is normally finish cleanness standard for most shot blasting machine end user. Some of them have requirements on roughness. 25 to 100 um anchor profile can meet most of them. Shape of blasting blade, turbine power and abrasive size all affect finish level and roughness.

Functional Components of Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is composed of work pieces delivery system, shot blasting system, abrasive reclaiming system, dust collection system and electric control system. Bigger shot blasting machines have maintenance platforms.
Work pieces delivery system is to deliver or load metal works into blasting system. For spinner hanger shot blasting machine, it is spinner hangers and travel rails.
For roller conveyor type shot blasting machine, it is roller conveyor tables. Inlet rollers, chamber rollers and outlet rollers form consistent moving rollers. Workpieces move into blasting chamber and move out after blast cleaning.
For tumble machine, bucket loader is mostly used to load batch of workpieces into chamber.
Shot blasting system is most important part. It is made up of blasting chamber and blasting wheels.
Blasting chamber provide enclosed room where workpieces can be blasted, abrasives sealed in chamber, and dusts kept in chamber. High chrome and Mn alloy liners are equipped inner wall to resist high impact of steel shots and steel grits.
Blasting wheels are deployed as designed density and positions according to workpieces. These blast wheel rotate fast and throw abrasives onto metal surface. Impurities are removed and metal surface cleaned.
Abrasive reclaiming system is to recycle metallic abrasives. Unlike silica sands, these metallic abrasives are not easy broken and can be recycled to use more than thousands of times. Screw conveyors collect used abrasives at chamber bottom and transfer them to bucket elevator. Bucket elevator lift them up to abrasive separator where abrasives are separated out by sieving and ventilation power. Qualified abrasives fall down to abrasive buffer hopper ready to flow to blast wheels to start new recycling.
Dust collection system is to collects dusts and emit clean air out. Dusts are mixture of ruts, scales, stirs, crushed and abrasive powder. Without dust collection system, these dusts will contaminate metal surface, lower down cleaning finish level, and accelerate machine wear.
Bag type dust collector is used for heavy dust working environments like casting clean in foundries. Cartridge type dust collector is much more compactable and space saving. It is used for normal working environments.
Electric control system is control unit to operate the shot blasting machine. Button and knobs on panel offer easy operation. Display panel is available for complex type like plate shot blasting machine or preservation line.

Types of Shot Blasting Machine

In accordance with way of workpieces delivery, shot blasting machines can be roller conveyor shot blasting, spinner hanger shot blasting, overhead rial tunnel through type shot blasting machine.

In accordance with way of workpieces to be treated, shot blasting machines can be shot blasting machine, gas cylinder shot blasting machine, stone slab shot blasting machine and aluminum shot blasting machine.

Quality Control of Shot Blasting Machine

3D blast simulation system is applied in Mesblate to demonstrate blasting effects on computer software. Individual parts are all modeled in SW. Tested by this system, Mesblate offer final machine drawing for end customer to confirm.

Shot blasting turbine wheel is most important unit. Meslbate conducts dynamic balance with empty loading. And test these wheels over 1 hours with loading condition to guarantee best quality.

Mesblate has a complete supply chain system to guarantee quality of out-sourcing parts. Casting parts and steel material are all from state steel company. Electric components, motors and control units are from Siemens, Omron, CHNT, etc…  All these parts are traceable. Safety comes first priority. Safety interlocks are used to ensure operator’s safety.

Periodical Maintenance Of Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is specific metal processing equipment. It is kind of corrosion remove machine with mechanic way. High speed steel abrasive impact is the key point to remove scale and impurities. Each blasting wheel parts should be checked periodically. Worn part will cause unbalanced rotation to lower down blasting efficiency and even break machine itself. Protection liners in chamber also should be checked to prevent abrasives out of chamber to hurt operator. Operator also should check dust collector working condition like ventilation pipes sealing condition, dust removal condition. Electric control unit is last unit to be checked. All lights and buttons should be normal condition.



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