8 Occasions When You Might Need To Wear a Suit


Many men who work in the white collar sector are required to wear a suit to work and meetings. Outside of the workplace in this post, we’ll be taking a look at men’s suits (https://www.politix.com.au/suits/) and the occasions where you might be required to wear one.

#1 – A Wedding

Attending a wedding is one of the more common occasions a man may be required to wear a suit. If you’re the groom or a part of his entourage, then you most definitely will be wearing a suit, unless it’s a very casual or left of field type of wedding.

Some guys even choose to wear suits to weddings even if they’re just one of the invited guests and the dress code doesn’t ask for formal attire.

#2 – Attending a Musical

When people go and see the latest musical they tend to dress up. It’s not always a requirement, but it does tend to be the norm. So if your partner wants to drag you along to the latest and greatest rendition of “Cats”, then you can expect to be dressing up in a suit.

It doesn’t really matter what colour or style of suit you wear, just so long as you look formal, as no doubt your partner will be dressing to impress.

#3 – You’ve Been Nominated for An Award

Most of us are not likely to ever be walking the red carpet on Oscar’s night, but there are many other types of award ceremonies taking place every night of the year, and many of them are work or business-related

If you happen to get nominated for an award  or are accompanying someone to an awards night (partner, son, daughter, friend, associate), you will either need to wear a nice suit or even step it up to a tuxedo.

Most awards ceremonies are formal events, so there’s no chance you won’t be adhering to the expected dress code and wearing a suit when you attend.

#4 – A Solemn Gathering Such As a Funeral

These are not occasions we look forward to, but it’s a part of life, and often a gathering where a man will wear a suit, usually a black one. It’s not mandatory of course, but many men choose to arrive in a suit as a mark of respect for the person who has passed away.

If you do have to attend a funeral but are not sure what to wear, just play it safe and don a suit and tie.

#5 – Attending a Church Service

Many churches and religions expect everyone in the congregation to be well presented when attending a service, and men are often expected to wear a suit when in church. Not all churches are that rigid, and it can depend on which country you’re in too, but generally, you’ll need to have at least one suit to wear if you want to attend church services.

#6 – Graduation Ceremony

If you’re attending the graduation ceremony of your beloved son or daughter, then a suit will be what you’ll wear. You can pretty much wear any kind of suit and tie you like, but these ceremonies are almost always formal affairs.

#7 – A Job Interview

While we aren’t focused on wearing suits for work in this post, if you want to get the work, you’ll likely have to front for at least one face to face job interview. The better dressed you are – no matter what the position is you are applying for – the better the impression you’ll make.

Sometimes it’s not essential to wear a suit to a job interview, but wearing one certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting hired.

#8 – Dinner At An Exclusive Restaurant

This might even be a first date to impress a new love interest. While most restaurants you go to won’t insist on formal attire, there are first-class restaurants that do, so if you’re planning on going to one, you better check if wearing a suit is a steadfast requirement first.

The Wrap

No matter what the occasion, it’s always a good idea to have at least one suit in your wardrobe for those times when you might need to wear one, even if you’re not a suit lover and don’t have to wear one for work.

Every man should really own a good suit to have on hand when required.

For more tips on wearing suits, check out https://www.fashionbeans.com/article/types-of-suit/.

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