8 Best Dive Sites in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is well-known for its beaches and crystal clear water. It has several diving sites that divers can can explore to enjoy witnessing the local marine life. Here is a list of the best dive sites in Punta Cana, with help from Grandbay-puntacana.com, that will certainly add some adventure to your beach holidays…

1. Park Reef

One of the best scuba diving sites in Punta Cana is the Park Reef. The site has rocks with many interesting shapes at the bottom, which are often covered with coral. Here, you can find a variety of marine life including turtles, squid, and lobsters. Its visibility is quite good, but it may vary depending on the weather conditions on the day of your dive.

2. Wreck Monica

A sunken ship named Monica can be found at this site, and its remains can clearly be seen if you elect to dive here. You can find different parts of the ship including its machinery still present. The wreck is overgrown with coral, and many marine animals can be found within the ships remains. The site has an average depth of 50 feet, and is located half a mile away from the coast.

3. Shark Point

As the name suggests, this site is home to nurse sharks, reef sharks, and stingrays. There are several ancient corals that you can explore too. This diving site has a depth of around 100 foot, so it is perfect for more experienced divers.

4. El Nino

El Nino is known for its great visibility. Compared to other diving sites, this site is shallow, which makes it suitable for beginners and people who want to improve their skills. Here, you will find a huge variety of colorful tropical fish, old reefs, and clear water. Another good thing is that you can dive here all year round. Its average depth is 20 feet.

5. Submarine

The submarine that can be found here was manufactured by Russian engineers, and it was used for 10 years from 1994 to 2004. It sank due to Hurricane George. Since then, it has become a great site for divers to explore and enjoy.

6. Anchor

This site is called the Anchor, because it is where the sailors from the Monica ship dropped anchor. The site still has the chain of the anchor to find. However, the anchor itself was removed by the natives. In terms of depth, it is around 60 feet on average.

7. Rock City

The maximum depth of this site is 53 feet, and the minimum depth is 17 feet. The variation in depth is due to the formation of canyons. This site has several corals, which makes it a great place to explore when conditions are great.

8. Cuevitas

Small caves and canyons make up this beautiful site. Though, we would recommend taking a flashlight will diving here, so that you can see all the marine creatures in the cave.

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