7 Ways to Use Glass Boards to Entirely Change the Look of your Office Ambiance

Would you like working in an office space with a boring and dull looking interior? Obviously, you would like to work in a space having an atmosphere that gives positive vibes. Thus, adding charm and elegance to your office’s interior (more ideas here – https://freshome.com/home-office-ideas/) is important because appealing interior décor and aesthetics not only attract skilled employees but also allow them to work wholeheartedly.

While other office interiors bring positivity to your office ambiance, you can’t ignore office boards. And glass board has become trending in the contemporary architecture and office interior designs.

From crystal clear glass to etched one; colorful printed glass to lacquered one, glass boards of various types allow you can express creativity at the workplace.

We have compiled a list of 7 ways to use glass board to change the entire look of your office ambiance. There are also some cool examples at https://www.pinterest.com/cdifurn/glass-boards/.

1.    Use a glass marker board to promote visibility

In contemporary office space, the appearance and quality of boards not only increases functionality but adores the whole atmosphere. Glass marker boards are an ideal pick when it comes to visibility and durability. You can use these stainless boards to write on as it’s easy to remove permanent marker from them.

Glass marker boards provide an appealing and sleek look to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and other visible sittings, allowing you to enjoy natural light as well. Depending on your room’s size, you can pick any size or design to promote brightness and express creativity.

2.    Mobile glass boards are appealing

Mobile glass boards are highly functional and appealing. It’s a brainstorming idea to reach any part of office space for short sessions.

Mobile boards can be used for functional office partition, allowing you to enjoy openness. You can move mobile glass boards anywhere because you don’t need to fix them on a wall.

Using these board is the most innovative idea to promote interpersonal communication and sleekness in office because of their minimalistic nature.

3.    Encourage watercolor effect

You can’t ignore the importance of informal communication in an office space. Your office’s cafeteria, space around the coffee machine and water cooler or any other informal area are the places where informal communication among employees take place and they get some relax from hectic work routine.

Thus, promoting the watercolor effect in these areas enhance interpersonal communication, thus increasing the work productivity of employees. Studies show that watercolor effect increase work productivity by 15%.

Thus, installing watercolor glass boards not only enhance the interaction of employees but also bring them together and motivate them, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.

4.    Avoid multiple layers

Would you like to look at an overloaded notice board with a lot of unnecessary papers? Where glass notice board increase the visuals of the workplace, keeping them clean and simple is important. Multiple layers of papers on notice boards not only look weird but increase the irritation and viewer may just ignore it.

Thus, take old notices and papers down every day and keep notice board with current notices and updates. It will provide ease to employees to stay tuned with what’s new in just a glance.

Assign notice board clean-up task to a person so that it may happen regularly.

5.    Polaroid boards are fun

Polaroid boards are trending now because they add a fun element to the working besides increasing visuals. Title a glass board with your favorite quote or silly caption and place a Polaroid camera nearby.

It provides your employees with an opportunity to snap frank photos of themselves and their colleagues to have some fun at the workplace.

If you have installed a custom magnetic glass board, then it’s even more fun and simple as you can stick the camera to the surface of the rare magnet. Take a whiteboard marker and write funny, silly or amusing caption near it. To make it happen, use a rare-earth magnet, an ordinary magnet may not serve the cause as they are way weak.

You can also challenge employees to take the worst selfie and display it on notice board, it’s just fun!

6.    Display portfolio to motivate employees

Did you ever imagine a glass board can motivate your employees and impress clients? Yes, now you can do it with glass boards.

Use a tempered glass board or other colorful boards to display your portfolio. It can motivate your employees to improve their attitude toward work and be more loyal to your organization.

If your clients give a frequent visit to your office, displaying a portfolio can be a great way to win their trust and also to congratulate your employees who participated to make the related project successful.

7.    Colored boards promote positivity

Colored glass board is a creative way to give your business edge. In a modern office space, the ambiance of your space is the first impression for clients who walk into your space.

Colors create a profound impact on them to look at your company and brand. Using colored glass boards, such as red, blue and orange boards, provide your customers with a sense of freshness and loyalty. It also tends to turn your workspace to a more exciting and creative space.

Final words

Glass boards are a great way to promote interpersonal dynamics of your office space and bring your employees together. Utilize above glass board ideas to use them in a unique way to increase the visuals of your workspace and encourage positive vibes.

But above all, when purchasing a glass board, don’t compromise on its quality. Be sure to go for a supplier who offers quality products within your budget.

When it comes to quality and affordability, Fab Glass and Mirror is your no. 1 partner that offers you a range of glass boards within your budget. Contact them or visit their site for high-quality products.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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