7 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

internet speed

If you have a challenge with your internet connection despite upgrading, your wireless internet could be the cause. Although many aspects affect internet speed, your Wi-Fi signal can make your online business thrive or flop. 

When websites refuse to load due to your internet speed, it may be time to consider the best broadband deals to favor your business. Consider implementing the following tips and observe your browsing experience change for the better.

Secure Your Security 

Additional users on your internet connection take up internet bandwidth thus, slowing down the speed. Failure to secure your internet means exposing your network to freeloaders. It is recommended that you protect access to your router by devising complex passwords that are hard to guess. 

Your router monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic, thus acts as a guard to ensure nothing harmful comes in and no sensitive information goes out. 

It controls access to your internet connection. However, if for any reason, a hacker or a next-door neighbor gains access to that network, it can be easy to compromise security on your device. 

Therefore, it is prudent to keep your router secure at all times. Before you despair, securing your device is not difficult, and neither is it time-consuming – and it will, to a great degree, minimize risk and cyber-attacks.

To begin, go to your router’s setting through your web browser by typing an IP address. If you are clueless of how to go about it, read your router’s manual or run a search about your router’s model on the web and you will get the information you need. 

WPA2 security guards access your router, which is a requirement for every new device, to submit a password to enable the connection. The security is permitted by default on all routers, though you may have to switch it on to activate it. 

Though you may have to reconnect all your devices afresh, it is advisable to regularly change passwords on your device, to deter freeloaders and hackers from access. Even though your router shows a list of every connected device on your setting panel, it can be difficult and tricky to decipher and interpret. 

Furthermore, please do not leave the default settings untouched, consider changing passwords required to access router settings themselves. Ensure those router settings can only be accessed by trusted employees since anyone who knows the defaults can reconfigure your router. 

The password settings are generally displayed inside the router settings. However, newer models can warn you if the passwords you select are too simple that anyone can guess them. 

Firmware, a software in the router, can control everything the router does such as setting security standards for your network, and determining which devices can gain access. Though new models update themselves automatically, it is advisable to ensure your firmware is up to date. 

Moreover, you should regularly update your antivirus that will fix any bug invasion and deal with any security threat on your data. Although password settings vary from router to router, updating your router’s firmware is not a complicated process. 

You can easily access it from your router control panel, which has a user’s manual to guide you in the process. However, contact customer service support from your router’s website if you get stuck. 

If you are fortunate and own the new models, you may receive alerts on your phone every time there is a firmware update. If not, you may need to download the latest firmware online as it comes with immense benefits. 

Optimize Your Router Settings 

Experiment by testing different settings to improve signal strength and speeds. Some routers with entertainment settings prioritize bandwidth while playing video games or streaming HD videos. The downside of this comes when multiple users simultaneously share an internet connection. Your internet connectivity will be overstretched, and ultimately slow-down, hence ensure to turn-off these entertainment settings. 

 Change Wi-Fi Channel 

Consider migrating to a less crowded channel to get more bandwidth with less interference to boost your internet speeds. When channels overlap, they cause data moving back and forth on adjacent channels to interfere with each other overstretching the bandwidth, which slows down connection. Choose channels that experience the least overlap and avoid those your neighbor is on. 

Upgrade Your Router 

An old, worn-out router could be the culprit affecting internet speeds. Luckily, there are many benefits, such as better internet speeds by investing in newer router models. 

A new model is more compatible with a broader range of devices with heightened security features more so if you are keen on automating operations and making your network more secure. 

Reset Your Router

By resetting your Wi-Fi, you can improve signal strength resulting in faster internet. Some remedial measures you can try include repositioning and upgrading your Wi-Fi antenna, moving your router higher, finding a central location for the router, as well as, adding a Wi-Fi booster. 

Not all internet routers have antennas, but if you are fortunate to own them, consider repositioning them to enable Wi-Fi signals to travel faster but retain signal strength. Boost internet strength by repositioning your antennas at different angles for maximum benefit. 

Although newer router models come equipped with antennas with high-speed internet, you could upgrade your antenna if you have the older model. Advancement in technology has seen a breakthrough for manufacturers to produce replacement antennas that guarantee sturdier signals.  

Elevate Your Wireless Router

Strategically placing your router in a high open space will minimize obstruction, improve signal accessibility and guarantee better internet signals and speeds. Avoid placing your router in cabinets or on the ground as this will limit the ability to broadcast to the entire office. A densely populated location bars your router from receiving signals thus hampering internet speeds. 

Improve speed by moving your router to a central location accessible to all your devices. 

Upgrade Your Plan 

With a growing workforce and clientele, you inevitably have to upgrade and it can’t be avoided. Whether it’s a new smartphone, new laptop or even a car subscription, upgrades are here to stay. Failure to do so will affect productivity as employees will take longer to complete tasks, affect delays in product delivery and ultimately, your business will begin running into losses. 



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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