7 Tips for Outdoor Drum Storage

Outdoor Drum Storage

Storage drums are a convenient and versatile method of storage that is used in numerous industries. They use them to store different kinds of materials like lubricating diesel, oil and dangerous chemicals of various types. Although they are very famous and not that complex to use, they likewise have some risks. It is essential to maintain the safe storage of these drums to prevent any fires, injuries, or incidents.

It is best to store the drums inside storage, but you can also keep them in outdoor storage. There are some tips mentioned below that can be followed to maintain the outdoor drum storage.

1. Store Chemical Drums Horizontally

We use these drums to store different kinds of chemicals and other materials, so, there’s a possibility that the temperature inside the drum change during the 24-hour cycle. The difference in the temperature raises and lowers the pressure in the drum. The vapors push out during the hottest part of the day, and air draws in during the coldest part of the night. If we store the drums vertically, the rainwater will gather on the top of their surface. So, there’s a risk that the rain might get into the drum and contaminate the substance in it. This can also happen with a sealed drum. So, it is best to store them in a horizontal position for the best safety.

2. Place a Block Under One Edge of the Drum

If it is not a possible case to keep the drums in a horizontal position, you can place a piece or block of wood or any other material under one side of the drum. This will make a slope of the drums on the surface, so the water runs off the drums. You should try and make a little slope.

3. Use the Oldest Drums First

There are many drums in a storage area, and most of them are being used for many years. So, it is essential to keep a check and use the oldest drums first to avoid failure and corrosion. You should use the FIFO principle while placing the drums in storage to get the oldest drums out first.

4. Locate Your Storage Above the High-Flood Mark

The outdoor drum storages have to face all kinds of weather conditions. There is a possibility that some drums may be exposed to the elements and cause a lot of trouble. So, it is best to locate your outdoor storage above the high-flood mark to avoid any risk due to weather conditions.

5. Set Up a Regular Inspection Program

It is also essential to have proper inspections of outdoor storage. These inspections will help you recognize all the improvements needed there.

6. Stop Leaks Immediately

Leakage of drums is a widespread issue in the outdoor storage areas, but it is also a high priority concern. So, it is better to have the leaks checked and stopped immediately.

7. Use Spill Containment Pallets

The spill containment pallet & accumulation centers are a type of secondary containment. You can also use them to store the drums in an outdoor storage area. Take a look at the Drum Cover container here.

The tips mentioned above can help you maintain your outdoor drum storage more efficiently. You should follow these tips to get the best results.

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