7 Reasons Why You Should be Using Neon Signs for Your Business

Today, many small businesses are choosing custom neon signs as a signage option because of its multiple benefits. Neon signs are highly visible. They come in multiple designs, colours, and sizes, making it easier for brands to display signs that match their identity.

Keep reading the article to learn why you should use neon signs for your business.

Inexpensive Yet Attractive

When it comes to marketing, it is important to make the right business advertising and promotion choice while keeping your budget in mind. There are many advertising options available in the market. Compared to many other options, neon signs are considered relatively inexpensive. They look impressive, and allow you to attract more customers and boost your sales as a result.

Catch Busy Customers’ Attention

In this busy world where the average human attention span is decreasing over time, it has become more challenging for businesses to grab and hold their customer’s attention.

Neon signs are available in many luminous colours, which makes them one of the best options to catch your busy customers’ eyes and attract them to your business. They are also a great tool you can use to convey an important message. You can hang the ‘Open’ neon sign to let people know you are available to attend to their needs for example.

Available in Many Customization Options

Another reason why you must consider neon signs for your business is their ability to be customised according to the needs of every business. You can get them in almost any size, colour, design, and shape to match them well with your brand identity and image.

Save Energy

Neon signs, compared to modern signs, do not require high maintenance in terms of running costs. They are easy to install and consume around 50% less energy than normal lit up signs. Choosing them over these energy inefficient signs for your business will help you attract customers while saving your energy costs.  

Long Lifespan

Neon signs that are built, installed and maintained the right way, have a lifespan of nearly 12 years, according to bmmagazine.co.uk. Once you fit them to the exterior of your business, you will not have to worry about replacing their bulbs or other components.

High Night Time Visibility

When you display signage outdoors, you want passers by to see it. While you can increase the visibility of the signage with an extra lighting source, replacing the existing signage with a highly visible neon sign is still a better option. Neon signs already glow, so you won’t need an extra lighting source to make it visible at night. Their high visibility at night can increase your brand awareness and recognition.  

Look Fancy and Beautiful

Neon signs can make any space look more creative and fancier. Since they are available in countless colours and designs, you can pick any design or colour according to the exterior or interior architecture of your business.

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