7 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Owning a Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle dog

Ok, so now you’ve decided it’s time you brought in a little pup into the family. Perhaps to keep you company when those rivers of boredom become too broad to sail, or a pair of listening ears when you need to empty those loads of worries. Or maybe your decision is utterly based on the fact that you need a furry buddy to accompany you on your evening walks.

In any case, you’ve made the decision, and we’re glad to inform you that it is a nice one. However, have you decided on what breed of dog you’re going for?

Like it or not, you cannot just walk into a dog breeding home or a shelter to pick-up any random breed without first understanding the options that are there.

And one of the best options available is a Goldendoodle! Popularly called the designer dogs, this breed offers you the cuteness and adorableness you may desire to find in your pups, as well as a true reflection of friendliness, smartness, and high intelligence, amid several other exciting traits.

So if you’re looking to bring in a new member into your house, Goldendoodle are worth considering.

And here’s why!

No Shedding/Hypoallergenic

Even if you aren’t purchasing a Goldendoodle for any other reason, you should be purchasing it for its hypoallergenic traits.

As dogs grow, they tend to spread a certain protein from their saliva and urine to their skin and coat. Unfortunately, many humans are allergic to this protein, as it tends to cause reactions in them. Now, when the hair/fur is shed to the environment, people become exposed to it, perhaps while watching the TV or just wrapping your arms around your furry friend. But unlike the rest of the dog family, Goldendoodles are known as a non-shedding and hypoallergenic breed.

To get a Goldendoodle with a more precise non-shedding trait, you should try contacting Goldendoodle breeders like ABCs Puppys Zs. They are known to produce some of the best generations of Goldendoodles, including the highly hypoallergenic F1b generation.

High Intelligence

You don’t need to be a dog pro to train a Goldendoodle. All you have to do is get them from the pup stage so that you can groom them into whatever you want them to become. They’ve come from a long line of smart dogs, so there’s no debating their level of intelligence.

Their mother breeds – poodles and Golden Retrievers – are well-known for their high intelligence. As such, you can expect what a mix of those two would produce. Want a dog that obeys your every command? Want a pup that offers you companionship when you need one? Want a furry that acts like your chat buddy when you need one? Look no further beyond Goldendoodles.


If your plan is to get a dog that doesn’t bark too fiercely, runs around the house with your kids, and always wagging their tails at you every time you get back from work, then a Goldendoodle is what you’re looking for. Thanks to their Golden retriever side, Goldendoodles are naturally a family dog, and as such, they’re great with kids.

Hybrid Vigor

You will be visiting the vet clinic less often if you buy a Goldendoodle. Thanks to the fact that they are gotten from the cross between two breeds, Goldendoodles tend to benefit from a phenomenon known as “hybrid vigor.”

As a product of the cross-linkage between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles have a much lower incidence of disorders and health issues – as compared with the mother breeds – thanks to the genetic diversity of Poodles and Retrievers. As a result, they seldom show signs, let alone suffer from conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.

By and large, they don’t have the tendencies to give their owners too many health worries.


Not too many dogs can go down the line with you when you hit the sport button. At the very best, all you’ll likely get with most dogs is a bit of running around and maybe ball kicking too. But with a Goldendoodle, you can play as many sports as you may like, talk of hiking, fetching, swimming (oh, they love this in particular), dancing, and lots more.

Thanks to their smartness, they’re able to adapt to any sporting activity you subject them to. All they need is a little help and guidance, and they’ll start performing pretty well, if not better than you (LOL).


Let’s just say cuteness runs in the bloodline of Goldendoodles – from the petite to the miniature Goldendoodle, the small standard to the large standard Goldendoodle, and every other size in between – little wonder why they’re called the “designer dogs.”

And if you think we’re just trying to overhype them, you Google search the phrase “are Goldendoodles the cutest dogs on earth?” and see what results Google serves you.

Celebrities Love Them

Finally, Goldendoodles are the dogs of celebrities. Did you know that many big-name celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Usher Raymond, and Golf Legend, Tiger Woods, all own Goldendoodles? Yes, they do. Oh, I completely forgot, President Donald Trump also brought a Goldendoodle into the White House back in 2016.

And that goes to tell you just how adorable this breed of dog is!

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