7 Creative Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Kids

kids celebrating a birthday

Every parent wishes to celebrate his or her kid’s birthday in such a way that it becomes memorable for them, especially during the pandemic when the life of kids has been disrupted the most. Maintaining social distancing is tough for us adults, but asking kids to stay back home for months has created a mental trauma in many. Therefore, it is important to make sure your kid gets the best birthday party ever.

Here is a list of great birthday celebration ideas your kid will definitely love.

1. Set Up a Video Party

Invite all of your kid’s friends online for a video party. Talk to their parents to prepare party meals for their kids as well, so that all kids can enjoy the birthday cake and meal.

2. Arrange a Gift Hunt

To keep your kid excited on his or her special day, hide small gifts throughout the house for them to find, which will occupy them most of the day while keeping them energetic about it.

3. Book an Online Quest

Kids love to play online games, hence why not search for the phrase “escape room near me” in a search engine to find out the best escape rooms in your city? You may find your kid visiting such a place not safe in the current scenario, and the other parents may not agree to it. This is why we are suggesting that you book an online escape room your kids can play from their individual homes and still escape the room together as a team by solving the puzzles. It is both fun and an educational thing to do, which will make the party memorable. 

4. Campout

Camping with your family is a new way of making your kid’s birthday special as he or she will enjoy spending a night in a tent and sleeping under the stars. Camping is also an effective way of maintaining social distancing and yet doing something out of the box.

5. Run a Movie Marathon

Kids love a few movie franchises, but parents do not usually give them much screen time. This is why on this special day, select your kid’s favorite movie franchise and arrange for a movie marathon day with your kid. Make some popcorn and buy cold drinks to make the day more interesting.

6. Plan a Game Day

Another fun idea is to make the entire day about playing your kid’s favorite board game with him or her. Kids just love their games and when you show interest in playing these games with them, they will love to spend the day with you.

7. Get a Pet

The pandemic has forced kids to stay back at home instead of roaming in the streets with their best friends. Your kid may feel lonely now and then, and as the pandemic is still going to stay for some time, it is essential to get your kid a companion. Getting a pet is the best way of celebrating your kid’s birthday as a pet like a puppy will keep them engaged and excited throughout the pandemic and post that as well.

No lockdowns or social distancing norms can stop your kid from enjoying his or her birthday if you are determined to create a magical day for them. Following one of our ideas will definitely help you in making their day really a special one.



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